The US Is Still Not Following The Science: But Why?


    by Arjun Walia, The Pulse:

    The COVID “crisis,” as claimed by governments, began over three years ago. Most countries have long moved on from restrictions associated with the pandemic, yet the United States still does not allow unvaccinated foreigners into their country.

    For many months now, they remain one of just a handful of countries in the world still holding to this policy.

    But why?

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    I trust it’s clear up to this point that virtually every person has had COVID at least once or twice, and natural immunity is on par or sometimes better than being “fully vaccinated”.

    Recall that being “fully vaccinated” means two doses of a COVID vaccine. If someone got vaccinated when vaccines were first made available, those doses would have long worn off and would be offering no added protection.

    Whereas someone who had COVID just a couple of months ago would have added protection, yet still can’t enter the US. Further, current COVID variants are the mildest they have ever been.

    When considering these factors, how does this policy make any sense at all? That’s a rhetorical question of course.

    Perhaps what’s most wild is that only a couple of months ago the US actually extended their COVID state of emergency, giving more weight to this policy. All the while almost every other country had let go of the pseudo-pandemic for months.

    The State of Emergency will end on May 11th, 2023, but so far, this does not mean their travel restrictions will.

    I know it feels ad nauseam at this point to state the obvious: to say governments were “following the science” was only ever talk. In most cases, this was never about “the science”.

    Djokovic as an Example

    I am not only reminded of this unscientific policy because I can’t visit family I have in the US as a Canadian citizen, but I recently came across a news article stating that Novak Djokovic had to withdraw from several major tournaments in the US recently because he remains unvaccinated.

    This wasn’t a surprise. But what was interesting were the comments on the article.

    “Novak always thinks he is special. He thinks that because he is one of the best tennis players, he has to be treated differently than every other tennis player.”

    “A rule is a rule. He knew what would happen, but thinks he is entitled and would get in anyway.”

    “He’s had a year to get with the program. No sympathy.”

    “He knows the rules. Choices have consequences. I have no sympathy.”

    “Selfish person. Even if you don’t believe in the science, you should get jabbed to protect others.”

    “We all know he is an utter machine when it comes to tennis, but he is not above the law. There is no reason why he couldn’t have had vaccinations like anyone else if his game is so important.”

    “He has brought all these problems on himself. Being unvaccinated is socially unacceptable.”

    It goes on like this many times over, on many articles, and no, they are not all “bots”. Real people still believe these things, not because “they are dumb,” but because of the power of an effective propaganda campaign.

    Most of these people do not have anywhere near all the facts because the government and media did not provide them to people.

    It’s easy when we see this type of stuff to say all the people in power are “crooks” or “criminals,” etc. But I’m significantly more fascinated by looking deeper at why our culture and systems function the way they do. It’s here where I think we can find solutions versus complaining decade after decade.

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