The Transformation of America Continues With Silicon Valley Bank Collapse


    by Mary Fanning, America Outloud:

    Joe Biden’s destruction of America is on full display. The “fundamental transformation” of America,” espoused by Obama, has been in full swing ever since 2008. Joe Biden continues that “fundamental transformation,” which includes the transformation of our banking system.

    The Silicon Valley Bank crash is but one step toward the “Great Reset” or the New World Order.

    The Silicon Valley Bank established a joint-venture bank in China with the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in 2012. Zhu Yuchen is the President of the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. He was appointed Vice-President, CEO, and deputy Communist Party Secretary of the Shanghai Pudong Bank in 2012. Since 2008 Zhu Yuchen has been a member of the National People’s Congress.

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    Silicon Valley Bank was one of the first financial institutions to start serving China’s startups as China moved into the venture capital business in the 1990s.

    Liabilities at SVB were greater than assets. While other banks were risk-averse, SVB was not. SVB was flooded with Democrat donors.

    Under Obama’s fundamental transformation, gains were privatized while risks were socialized. This was first seen under TARP. The American people have been left holding the bag after thirteen years of artificial prosperity with 0% interest rates.

    The Biden White House appeared to be inducing runs on regional banks. Why? For greater control by the big banks? By the Federal Reserve? For the coming digital currency for ultimate control? To print more dollars to destroy the value of our currency?

    Our meritocracy is being snuffed out while Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are being jammed down our throats and stuffed up into our faces. JP Morgan Chase committed 30 billion dollars to DEI and invested another hundred million dollars into minority-owned banks. Welcome to the Comintern, where the U. S.  Constitution does not mean a thing. A communist revolution where things are upside down and inside out is happening in the banking sector as well.

    Biden’s spending spree of trillions brought about the expected chokehold of inflation on the American people because that is how communists take down countries and usher in Communism.

    Biden has destroyed our security with open borders. Biden has destroyed our education system, our energy sector, our military, our position as the world’s superpower, and the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Welcome to Soviet  Amerika.

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