The ‘Mainstream’ Media is Far From the Mainstream


    by D.W. Wilber, America Outloud:

    When survey after survey after survey indicates that the majority of the population of the United States is a ‘center’ to ‘center-right’ leaning nation politically, then how come we keep electing leftists, ultra-liberals, and even Marxists to represent us in Washington, and in many statehouses across the country?

    The answer is really pretty simple. The ‘mainstream’ news media, from which the majority of American voters derive the information that they base their political choices on — is corrupt and downright dishonest — infiltrated by far-left ideologues who barely conceal their contempt for any viewpoint that differs from their own.

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    Most are true believers in the mantra that ‘the ends justify the means,’ which includes slanting news coverage to fit their political and ideological agendas. It’s what they’re taught in journalism schools nowadays.

    Allied with politicians like Barack Obama and others who concealed their true ideology in order to win an election and then afterward, the wolf in sheep’s clothing is revealed once they take office, the dishonest politicians and a corrupt news media have worked hand in hand together for decades to foist upon Americans the leftist nightmare we are now living. To support the effort to ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.

    The ‘mainstream’ news media has not reported the news in a fair and accurate way for many years – if ever – but has long slanted and distorted the news to align with their own political ideology. Which by a wide margin is politically leftist-liberal, and in lockstep with the most extreme views of the now Communist-Democrat Party.

    The ‘mainstream’ news media goes far beyond just slanting the news. What we have seen over the last thirty years is the ‘mainstream’ news media committing outright lies and deception, even elaborate fabrications, when they deem it necessary to protect the favored political philosophy that they support. And far more often than not, the lies and misinformation they put out are in complete agreement with their political allies in the Communist-Democrat Party.

    On the flip side of the coin, every Republican administration in modern history has been under relentless attack by the ‘mainstream’ news media. When reporting on Republicans, it’s as though the news media just starts throwing ‘stuff’ against a wall to see what might stick, and then they run with it without making any effort to verify the information or the sourcing. ‘If it makes Republicans look bad, just print it, and then worry about the truth later’ seems to be the rule of thumb that modern journalists follow.

    Well, it’s unfair, and Americans have had enough. We can accept legitimate criticism of all of those serving in public office, and certainly want accurate reporting about any politician’s misconduct, regardless of party affiliation. What we don’t want are half-truths, distortions, or complete fabrications created to align with a reporter’s personal political bias, or on behalf of their political allies.

    The only thing that the owners of American news media outlets really understand is the bottom line, what their profit margin is, much of which is determined by the money paid by advertisers. And that exerts some level of control over the hiring of editorial staff and reporters, including on-air personalities for the major news networks, but only slightly.

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