The Erosion of Equality Under Law Continues


    by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

    Recently, a Jewish reader wrote to me that he thinks for himself and reads my website.  Many Jews think for themselves.  There is Jewish opposition within Israel to Israel’s confiscation of the West Bank.  Some years ago I hosted an Israeli delegate to a Presbyterian Church conference in Atlanta.  She had come to try to persuade the Christians to disinvest from Israel as a means of pressuring Israel to cease evicting Palestinians from lands they had occupied for 2,000 years.  She had a higher sense of justice than the Christians, who refused her plea.

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    When most gentiles speak of “the Jews” they mean Jewish lobbies such as ADL, AIPEC, not every Jew. The impact of The Israel Lobby on US foreign policy is documented in the book of that title by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt, two of America’s most prominent foreign affairs experts.  

    In the 21st century there is no difference between the behavior of the US and NATO toward Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa, such as Iraq and Libya, and Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.  It can be difficult, but still possible, to criticize the destruction of the Muslim Middle East and North Africa by the West, but if you say anything negative against Israel, such as the behavior of Netanyahu or Israel’s behavior toward Palestinians, you are labeled an anti-semite and a holocaust denier.  This is strange, because at this moment 630,000 Israelis are in the streets trying to hold Netanyahu accountable and to stop his “judicial reform” that excludes the legislative and executive branches of the Israeli government from the authority of Israel’s Supreme Court.  By curtailing the court’s power, Netanyahu can avoid imprisonment for the crimes for which he has been convicted. 

    As it has been established that any criticism of a Jew or attempt to hold Israel accountable is anti-semitic, and criticism of a black or attempt to hold blacks accountable is racist,  we have to ask why these two groups have an exemption from being held accountable.  How realistic is it that Blacks and Jews are immune from accountability?

    In the US, especially in San Francisco and California, we see blacks being granted immunity from prosecution for breaking laws. Heather Mac Donald in the current Special Issue of City Journal gives an excellent account of criminal immunity that has been given to blacks by white liberals.  The Israelis received immunity from the US government for their deadly attack on the USS Liberty and for the murder of Rachel Corrie. 

    If we give immunity to blacks who loot and burn business districts of major American cities and to Israelis who murder US citizens, what does it mean to hold Muslims, Russians, and Chinese accountable?  Or “white supremacists”?  The gaping holes in accountability are violations of the Constitution’s requirement of equal treatment under the law.  In effect, we are returning to “privilege before the law” of the aristocratic era.

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