The CDC Is OVERESTIMATING COVID “Vaccinated” People In The U.S.


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

More lies keep coming out of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A Northeastern professor says the CDC has significantly overestimated the number of people who have received at least one COVID shot, leading the federal agency to paint a rosier picture of vaccine compliance than actually exists.

By saying that a majority or more have gotten the “vaccine”, the CDC is likely hoping to entice those who haven’t gotten it to roll up their sleeves and dutifully comply with the ruling class’s edicts.


One of the authors of the COVID States Project’s recent report on nationwide vaccination rates, David Lazer, says his report shows 75% of adults in the United States received at least one vaccination against the coronavirus, compared to the 92.1% reported by the CDC. “That’s a very, very big difference,” says Lazer, a Northeastern distinguished professor of political science and computer sciences.

The CDC is “saying 8% of the population has gotten no vaccine, and we’re saying 25%,” he says. “So we’re saying three times as many people have gotten zero vaccines. The reason for that is pretty simple.”

“It’s not like they’re collecting Social Security numbers” to verify the data, Lazer says.  “We’re basically saying the population is significantly less protected than what the CDC is saying,” he says.

And people are less compliant than the CDC and masters want you to believe. However, that’s not how this is being presented. The rulers want you to believe that that means there’s even less “protection” against COVID, which they have also already admitted wasn’t the goal of the shot, to begin with.

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The CDC Has Been Quietly Tracking The Unvaccinated

In fact, the CDC’s own propagandist, Rochelle Walensky got COVID after taking five “vaccines”.

CDC Director Walensky is INFECTED with COVID After Taking FIVE COVID “Vaccines” That Obviously Don’t Work

The rulers and propagandists are also lamenting that those who have decided they won’t be ruled over and controlled and forced to get injected with anything are still the ones not “vaccinated.”

“[The vaccine statistics have] barely budged. It’s not like we’re converting all these vaccine-resistant people from October 2021. If you weren’t vaccinated in October or November of 2021, you’re not vaccinated now,” Lazer says. “The CDC data show this very steady increase in people who are getting their first shot. The data are very distorting because the message you get is “we’re slowly winning the war on vaccine resistance’” and that is not the case, he says.

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