The Big List of U.S. companies going crazy woke for LGBT


    from WND:

    ‘A corporate shakedown strategy that would make Jesse Jackson green with envy’

    The transformation of once-wholesome American corporations like Disney and Walmart into fulcrums of LGBT power, advancing a wildly destructive sex-and-gender revolution, is not just a tragic story of American moral decline, but also one that offers vital and little-known lessons on the strategies and tactics of the Sexual Left.

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    How did it happen? How did the self-styled “queer” (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) movement gain such a powerful foothold in corporate boardrooms and, specifically, human resources departments? Surely, a host of factors contributed to the present crisis — the nation’s growing secularization and abandonment of biblical ethos, the increasingly slavish devotion of corporate media to all thing LGBTQ, the “coming out” of millions of Americans (decades ago mostly as gay or lesbian, but today as “non-binary,” “genderqueer,” etc.) and the emotional manipulation of loved ones that comes with it — to name a few.

    But another vital but largely invisible factor deserves attention: the cunning strategies and organizational efforts of “gay” and trans activists laboring inside and outside corporations to push major companies to serve the LGBT agenda. Homosexual and trans activists at the biggest “queer” organization in America — the Human Rights Campaign, or HRC — have perfected a corporate shakedown strategy that would make Rev. Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition green with envy. They worked the system with greater savvy and commitment than their faith-based foes, and won, partly because so many conservatives rolled over rather than risk being called “bigots,” “homophobes,” and now, “transphobes.”

    As part of HRCF’s ‘Transgender Toolkit’ for corporations, Jacob, a ‘non-binary’ activist, is shown on a video saying, ‘You should be able to come to work and wear one thing one day that’s sort of read as one gender, and then come to work the next day and wear something else that’s perhaps read as a different gender.’ (Screenshot / HRCF website)

    Of course, it helps having the media completely in your corner. And yet, putting politics aside, every “queer” victory, whether in a legislative chamber, courtroom or Fortune 500 corporate office, is a Pyrrhic victory, defying God’s truth and eroding America’s Judeo-Christian-based morality, undermining the integrity of her institutions, and ultimately contributing to the mass corruption and seduction of her children — one LGBT “equality” concession at a time.

    One of the most ingenious and effective pressure campaigns ever run by the Left is the HRC’s “Corporate Equality Index,” which for two decades has been instrumental in driving hundreds of American corporations into supporting LGBT activists’ ever-evolving goals. When you read that a giant corporation has given a huge grant to a gay and trans organization, or sponsored a libidinous “pride” parade, or floated an obnoxious, gender-bending TV ad, it may be in part because that company gets points in the Corporate Equality Index, or CEI, for doing so.

    A promotional video from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation for its “Transgender Toolkit for Employers” — part of the CEI — speaks to the revolutionary nature of the organization’s work, which is all about radically changing social norms. The video features a man, Jacob, dressed in female attire with a girlish hair style, wearing red lipstick and nail polish and large earrings. Identified as an “executive assistant” in New York, Jacob speaks about so-called “trans-inclusive” policies:

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