Quiet Part, Out Loud – Polish Ambassador Warns If Ukraine Not Successful NATO Will Join War Against Russia


    from The Conservative Treehouse:

    Stunningly, the Polish Ambassador to France Jan Emeryk Rościszewski said yesterday: “Either Ukraine will defend its independence today, or we will be forced to enter into this conflict,” sending a clear message that NATO will enter the war against Russia if Ukraine loses ground.

    Rościszewski essentially said the quiet part out loud, and that public statement immediately caused the NATO allies to recoil.  The EU NATO allies were not recoiling due to the substance of what he said, but rather because he said it publicly.  Keep in mind, Jan Emeryk Rościszewski has been Poland’s Ambassador to France for about a year, and before that he was the Chairman of the Board of PKO Bank Polski, Poland’s largest bank (WEF linkage).

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    The exact quote: “either Ukraine will defend its independence today, or we will have to enter this conflict. Because our main values, which were the basis of our civilization, and our culture will be threatened. Therefore, we will have no choice but to enter the conflict.

    The immediately triggered retreat by the EU IS HERE.  However, this statement happened on the same day Politico reported: “NATO is racing to arm its Russian borders. Can it find the weapons?

    […] “Military leaders this spring will submit updated regional defense plans intended to help redefine how the alliance protects its 1 billion citizens. The numbers will be large, with officials floating the idea of up to 300,000 NATO forces needed to help make the new model work. That means lots of coordinating and cajoling. (link)

    NATO wants to put 300,000 troops on Russia’s border, and yet they simultaneously pretend not to want an expanded war against Russia.


    Put these data points together and what clarifies is the intent of the western NATO alliance to increase the opportunity for expanded war.

    Then overlay the western banking crisis and the issues with the intended Western outcome of a digital currency to support the larger World Economic Forum agenda.  What starts becoming clearer is not only the positioning for an expanded war, but the motive to do so.

    It all tracks neatly into place.  The WEF agenda is to advance crisis and position the governmental actors to doing the bidding of the WEF corporations that run them.

    This is why the same map that shows the western countries supporting the Build Back Better, climate change, energy policy goals,…. is the exact same overlay map of western countries who triggered sanctions against Russia…. which is the exact same overlay map of western countries that are now positioned with a Central Bank solution to a national banking crisis.

    It’s all connected to the exact same motives and intents:

    Collapse energy development, stop oil, coal and natural gas production. {create crisis}

    Trigger supply side, energy-driven, global inflation amid Western nations. {crisis ensues}

    Use Western Nation central banks to raise rates, shrink economies to meet lower scale of energy production. {crisis solution}

    Raise interest rates to cause regional and national banks to collapse {create crisis}

    Central Banks step in to mitigate and nationalize/collate with fewer big banks {crisis}

    Introduce Central Bank Digital Currency {crisis solution}

    Impose sanctions against Russia, cleave globe based on energy production {create crisis}

    Create two economic models from energy collapse {crisis}

    Provoke war against Russia {crisis solution}

    Western globalism…. It is all connected.

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