Long Knives: How Congressional Investigation Could Prevent President Biden From Seeking Re-election


    from 21st Century Wire:

    In the wake of last Fall midterm elections, James Comer, who chaired the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, and Jim Jordan (the House Committee on the Judiciary, whose purview includes Impeachment Resolution) announced an investigation into the alleged “Biden family corruption and influence peddling.”

    As background to this theme looms the long-standing staple of the American political system bearing on the FBI’s control over the presidency coupled with the ever increasing politicization of the federal agencies.

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    In other words, all the ingredients are reunited for what could be the biggest scandal in American politics since Watergate.

    On March 17th, Rep. Comer announced that “that four members of the Biden family — not three, but four – were receiving money from various influence-peddling schemes around the world.” Said Comer:

    One thing that I noticed that was unique about these wire transfers is each transfer is like a check. You have the name, address, date, the dollar amount and also the memo, which is what it’s for. Every other wire transfer from Robinson Walker had something listed in the memo except the ones to the Bidens.

    “If they put it in the memo, I might have a better idea what the money was for that the Bidens received. At the end of the day, what Joe Biden’s defenders have said is, this is a business deal. This is a business deal. Well what’s the business, Sean?

    “There’s no business. There’s no business. They were influence-pedaling. Looks like they were getting money for some type of service. Now, I don’t think Hunter Biden could provide the type of service that would generate millions and millions of dollars from the Chinese communist party. But I believe his father could. So when they say that Joe Biden wasn’t involved, we don’t know that.

    “We just know that Joe Biden met with a lot of these people that ended up going in business with Hunter or ended up paying Hunter, rather, and the family. And that’s another thing that they have tried to imply that there was only a couple family members.

    But what we found is there’s multiple family members and there’s going to end up being end up being between four and seven Bidens who received significant amounts of money from communist China.”

    The three Bidens known to have received money from Hunter’s business dealings are Hunter; Hallie Biden, Beau Biden’s widow (with whom Hunter Biden had an intimate relationship with after his brother’s death), and Hunter’s uncle, James Biden.

    The investigation seems to be picking up speed after Comer revealed that subpoenas issued to Bank of America last February 27th to hand over bank records for John “Rob” Walker, a long-time Hunter and James Biden business associate, uncovered the payment of $3 million dollars following the end of Joe Biden’s tenure as U.S. Vice-President “from individuals associated with the Chinese Communist Party”.

    Since the 2016 US Presidential Election, the FBI, DOJ and U.S. Intelligence Community have all been accused by Republicans of inaction and of using law enforcement for the benefit of the Democratic Party of the United States.

    In recent years, the Democratic Party has deftly dodged Republican claims, going as far as blocking New York Post articles and Twitter posts exposing the Hunter Biden laptop story, also a topic the focus of the Comer-Jordan investigations.

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