Exposing The Pharmaceutical Crime Of The Century: The Key To Understanding The COVID Vaxxes As ‘Gene Therapy’ And Why These Deadly Bioweapons Are So Poorly Regulated


    by Joel S Hirschhorn, All News Pipeline:

    By now all those who have followed pandemic truths as revealed in this newsletter and other sources know how unsafe and ineffective the COVID vaccines are.

    The key question is how exactly the government has allowed these vaccines to be used and, even worse, pushed the use of them on everyone.

    Here I want to question if the government has gotten away with allowing the vaccines even though they cause a very broad array of harmful vaccine health impacts, including death, in both the short and long term, as well as the devastating long COVID illness with a wide range of health impacts that ruin quality of life.

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    In short, there is some basis for believing that the vaccines are not really vaccines at all. But they have been regulated and promoted as if they are vaccines. If so, this is a sham, a crime and a total insult to medical history and ethics. The government and entire public health establishment has lied to the public and nearly all of the medical establishment has gone along with this very big and harmful lie, as has the mainstream news media.

    recent article brings attention to the key scientific point, namely that these mRNA COVID vaccines are really gene therapy products.

    Here are some excerpts from this article:

    As to the big lie note this: “According to mainstream fact checkers such as the Associated Press (AP), the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are absolutely not gene therapies.”

    However, “technically, Moderna, for example, has identified their mRNA product as a form of gene therapy in past investor disclosures, the mRNA vaccines purportedly don’t modify DNA or any genes. Rather the messenger RNA (mRNA) provides instructions to human cells to produce the SARS-COV-2 spike protein but doesn’t replace or inactivate any genes in the body according to expert after expert, at least in the mainstream.”

    Robert Malone has addressed whether “mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were a form of gene therapy.”

    His response: ““As I’ve said repeatedly, it came out of a gene therapy research program. These and the adenoviral vectors are absolutely gene therapy technology applied for the purposes of electing an immune response.”” 

    “In the AP piece Dr. Louis Picker, professor and associate director of the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute at Oregon Health & Science University, reports, “It’s just a very different process.” Dr. Picker went on, “The point of gene therapy is to go in and change the actual coding in the DNA of a person’s cells.” 

    Examples he points to are products that swipe out a bad for a good gene, such as the recently approved product for hemophilia B.” 

    But what does Moderna, arguably the leading pure play mRNA biopharma producer have to say about its technology? Let’s start with their annual statement to investors in 2018.

    In the statement the Cambridge, Massachusetts company first offering advantages of its mRNA technology over traditional gene therapy declaring:

    “mRNA allows for transient production of the encoded protein. mRNA therapies should also allow for dose titration and repeat dosing. This provides several advantages over gene therapy. Gene therapies typically result in a permanent change to cellular DNA that may result in uncontrolled or constant production of the desired protein in local tissue or in distant sites, which could cause local or systemic side effects. Further, some gene therapy delivery vehicles are associated with immune responses that limit the ability to repeat dose, preventing dose titration.” 

    But the company continues with its bombshell disclosure:

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