Exposing the Complete Breakdown of Our Justice System


    by Tom Renz, Esq., AmericaOutloud:

    The Soros-funded buffoon out of Manhattan who thought it would be a good idea to try prosecuting President Trump just had his stupid plan backfire, and let me tell you why. People are fussy about this, and it’s not just Trump’s base; people on all sides of the political spectrum are fed up with this charade, and it’s due to the government corruption being exposed.

    What we are seeing is a complete breakdown of our justice system; all Americans want laws that are fair and our justice system to treat all citizens equally. Everyone can see the law isn’t being applied equally, and the more these bought-and-paid traitors attack President Trump, the more obvious it is.

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    We have political crime families like the Clintons, the Bidens, and countless other crooked politicians like #EDLeaderMcConnell, with plenty of evidence of various criminal activities, yet our justice system ignores them, no investigations, and a complete blackout from the government-controlled media (#LaptopFromHell anyone?).

    Instead, we send the FBI to Mar-a-Lago to go through Melania’s underwear drawer, and how many times do they intend to look at Trump’s taxes? I’d love to see them do the same for #EdLeaderMcConnell or Chuck Schumer. Our Supreme Court is a big part of the problem; the cases they’ve been too cowardly to hear have created an uneven application of the law.

    Every American sees the hypocrisy here and is fed up with our broken system. Thankfully their plans backfired so badly this time that it’s done nothing but help expose corruption and piss off the majority; it’s time we investigate this DA and work on getting the real criminals behind bars.

    As this show airs, I am in Missouri testifying on the informed consent bill HB 1169, as well as fighting to stop the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) bill HB 1165. Let’s talk about the informed consent bill first, HB1169; this is the most straightforward non-partisan bill I’ve ever seen; the only thing it’s asking for is that any product with the potential to modify the consumers’ genes be labeled as such.

    We the people have the right to know if something has the potential to modify our genes; this bill asks for full disclosure and that the risks and benefits be listed. If these gene therapies are so great, then they can list the benefits! Why would big pharma send in lobbyists to Missouri to fight this? Why is Dean Plocher slow-walking it? Does he really think that the great people of Missouri don’t want to know when they are using gene therapy products? There should be nothing controversial in any way in this bill.

    Not to be confused with HB1169 is the CBDC bill HB1165; this bill is a complicated 103-page nightmare that will rewrite the Uniform Commercial Code, and its sole purpose is to welcome in CBDC. My first move to fight this bill was to reach out to Rep. Justin Hicks, who’s sponsoring it, and ask him why he’s pushing a CBDC bill. His response was embarrassing; you can read it on my social media accounts with my notes attached.

    The fact that he put out this garbage means one of two things; he’s a RINO sellout, or he didn’t read his own bill. I hope I get the opportunity to ask him in person, why are you sponsoring a bill you don’t understand? To see a great red state like Missouri blocking an informed consent bill and fast-tracking a CBDC bill is beyond frustrating.

    We have a lot of work to do. Red states are the battleground we have to protect and defend like the future of our country depends on it, because it does. Please look at the bills in your state and hold your state representatives accountable. If there’s a banking bill being introduced into legislation in your state, you can bet its purpose is to allow CBDC. Fight back, get involved, and don’t let your elected representatives sell out your state to the #WEF One World Agenda.

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