by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

    By now you’ve probably all  heard about the firing of those base personnel at Minot Air Force Base in Minot, North Dakota.  If you’ve never been there, the city itself is fairly nice-sized, about 50,000, in the middle of the flat North Dakota prairie, and about 40 miles south of the Canadian border.  There all resemblance to a typical small-sized great plains city, or for that matter, a typical military base, end, for Minot is also home to an airbase (about 15 miles north  of town) and several B-52 intercontinental bombers, and a flight or two of Minuteman ICBM’s in missile silos. Driving north out of town one can literally pass by some of these missile silos and their deadly cargos within a few hundred feet.  People who’ve read my Giza Death Star books, including the most recent, also know my fascination for the old Safeguard ABM radar system at Nekoma, North Dakota, which I saw in the distance as a boy while traveling in the state with my folks. (Nekoma, in case you’re wondering, is northwest of Grand Forks).

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    So I tend to sit up and take notice when stories affecting these installations make the news. You might recall, a few years ago, that some h-bombs from the Minot base “went missing.”  That alone should boggle the mind.

    How do you lose a hydrogen bomb? What was the yield? Were they “suitcase” nukes or “city-busters”?

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, we were eventually told that someone at the base made a “mistake” and shipped the bombs to Barksdale Air base in Louisiana, you know, the base where Bush the Stupid flew to after being informed about the 9/11 attacks. You might recall that at Barksdale – the backup command center for the USA’s strategic nuclear forces after Offut Air base in Omaha – was where he jettisoned the press corps, and gave a strange speech not mentioning terrorism at all but that America was under a test; and then off he flew to Offut Air base. Meanwhile, someone allegedly called the White House switchboard, revealed a bunch of passwords, and so on, and all of this fueled speculations – which I happen to believe – that Bush the Stupid had to fly to those bases to reassert personal presidential control over the nuclear arsenal, which the phone call revealed had been coopted.

    So back to those missing hydrogen bombs. Eventually we were of course informed that the whole affair of the missing h-bombs was just a paper mistake, that the bombs were all found and accounted for, and that no one was ever in any danger, and that there were about six involved (I don’t recall where, but I do recall reading a number somewhere, because someone apparently called the Missing Hydrogen Bomb Office at the Department of Defense. It’s nice to know they have an office and established procedures for such things).  Then, of course, we had that strange episode during one of Orange Man Bad’s covid press conferences where the podium was occupied by all sorts of military brass, and we were told about an operation in the Caribbean when Thoroughly Modern Milley took the stand. You might recall that after detailing the naval and Marine resources committed to this otherwise unspecified operation, Thoroughly Modern Milley repeated the phrase “You’re not getting in, you’re not getting in!”  This strange press conference and these bizarre statements by Thoroughly Modern Milley led me to speculate that perhaps someone was trying to smuggle a nuke into the USA, and perhaps even one of those “misfiled” h-bombs. And as for Thoroughly Modern Milley, you’ll recall he also gave that strange speech in Colorado about military cadets having to fight little green men, which he later clarified was a reference to the camouflage uniforms of the Russian military.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else out there find all this just a little bit more than mildly disconcerting?

    Anyway, with all that as background, now we have to consider the recent round of personnel dismissals at Minot, and this article comes courtesy of V.T. who found it on RT, and as one might imagine, RT picked up on something from the original CNN report, and dutifully reported it:

    Reason for firings at key US nuclear base revealed – CNN

    Well, whaddya know? There’s that number six again:

    In a notorious incident in 2007, a US B-52 bomber took off from Minot base while mistakenly loaded with six nuclear-armed missiles. In 2014, Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana was hit by another scandal which saw half of its 183 missile-launch officers accused of cheating to obtain higher scores in their monthly proficiency tests.

    Anyway, I hope you caught the thing that caught my eye, but in case you didn’t, here is is, and it should be read in conjunction with the above quotation:

    Eighth Air Force command announced on Tuesday that it had dismissed two senior commanders and four of their subordinates at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, which hosts 28 B-52H Stratofortress nuclear-capable bombers and 165 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles.

    Officials said that the service members were dismissed “due to a loss of confidence in their ability to complete their assigned duties.” (Boldfaced emphases added)

    Now I have basically two high octane speculations about what may really be going on here. The first is that the dismissed officers took the jabs, and began to show signs of the mental and physical decline that have been reported all over the world as being associated with the jabs. If so, then the jabs have become a national security issue, one which the military, in its woke rush to  push the narradigm of quackcination, itself contributed to.  To put it country simple, there’s a suspicious lack of specificity in the reasons for the dismissals, and that smacks of someone covering up something.

    Disturbing as that possibility is, however, I suspect yet another culprit, one hinted at in the first quotation, the one from the very end of the RT article: cheating on monthly proficiency tests.  Or to put it bluntly once again: our declining academic standards are beginning to affect our deterrent capability. A certain standard of intelligence and competence has to be maintained in order to be able to operate modern technologically based weapons systems, and what that last  paragraph is telling us is that it has not been maintained, and that in order to meet military standards, those officers felt they had to cheat.

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