CNN is Going Into a Total Meltdown Over Tucker’s J6 Footage


    by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

    The corrupt corporate media is trying to pick up the pieces of its broken January 6 “insurrection” narrative after Tucker Carlson dropped several bombshell videos on it last night.

    The Brian Sicknick lies. The Ray Epps lies. The Q Anon shaman lies. All critical components of the state-media fairytale cooked up for the American people to shut down election objections on January 6 and to frame Donald Trump as a dangerous traitor who should never be allowed to run for the presidency again.

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    It is not going well.

    CNN reacted by bringing on PR flack Oliver Darcy and then read a heartrending statement by Sicknick’s family on-air, which nonetheless was intended to get Americans to stop asking questions. Watch:

    “The news part of the day was that there was an insurrection, it was the hundreds of people who caused damage and injury and insurrection,” Alysin Camerota said. “I think he’s missing maybe the headline from that day.”

    And how they got in the capitol by overrunning the Capitol police,” she claimed. “That, that, that’s, that’s a key part of this, obviously.”

    It is. That is why it remains a mystery why the massive, 20,000-pound Columbus doors were opened to the protesters. Or why Capitol police invited protesters into the building, saying things like, “I disagree with it but I respect what you’re trying to do.” Or even worse, why at least nine Capitol Police officers stood by as the “Q Anon shaman” (a misnomer for a climate activist hippie and former actor) Jacob Chansley was given a virtual ‘guided tour’ through the Capitol building. Officers even held the door open for him, he thanked them, and they gave him a stage in a Senate chamber to give a ‘patriotic’ speech filled with bromides.

    Tucker Carlson’s video aired on Monday night is thus a missing piece to video that has long been out there, such as this reporter’s footage put out by the New Yorker.

    CNN guest Ken Burns, a documentary filmmaker himself, compared Tucker Carlson’s revelations to propaganda put out by Soviets and Nazis.

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