BREAKING: Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm Graphene Oxide is in the COVID Vaccines & here is how to remove it from your body


    by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

    Speculation has been rife for over two years that the Covid-19 injections contain Graphene Oxide. A toxic substance that causes strange blood clots and destroys red blood cells.

    It has a natural negative charge, whereas red blood cells are naturally positively charged. When the reduced Graphene enters the body and red blood cells, it immediately starts to cause the cells to stack up onto themselves.

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    This can possibly lead to strange blood clotting, strokes/aneurysms and at worst death. This has been proven by scientists previously (see here).

    Medicine Regulators have denied the substance is in any of the Covid-19 injections. But this denial is most likely why The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) attempted to delay the release of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine safety data for 75 years despite approving the injection after only 108 days of a safety review on December 11th, 2020.

    However, in early January 2022, Federal Judge Mark Pittman ordered the FDA to release 55,000 pages per month. Since then, PHMPT has posted all of the documents on its website.

    The first batch of documents revealed that Covid-19 vaccination was most likely going to lead to depopulation. With 2 million excess deaths in just the ‘Five Eyes’ countries and just over half of Europe two years after the roll-out, it appears that revelation is true.

    But we could not find any reference to Graphene Oxide.. until now.

    A full investigation conducted by The Expose of the findings is to come very soon.

    Here’s a snapshot of some of the evidence contained the previously confidential Pfizer documents handed to the FDA-

    So, now that it has been confirmed that Graphene Oxide is definitely a secret ingredient of the Pfizer Covid-19 mRNA injection, we can guarantee you are going to want to know how you can remove the toxic substance from your body.

    Because it doesn’t just remain in those who have been vaccinated. It is also transmitted to anyone within the vicinity of a Covid-19 vaccinated person (see here). xide.

    The image below is of a blood sample from a vaccine-free, or unvaccinated, three-year-old child.  It shows pieces or “shards” of graphene that “are the result of shedding,” in other words the graphene has been transmitted from “vaccinated” parents to their unvaccinated child.

    Therefore, most of the unvaccinated population has most likely been exposed to Graphene Oxide.

    Graphene Oxide is poisonous to humans and now it has been discovered in the Covid 19 “vaccines”, in the water supply, in the air we breathe through chemtrails, and even in our food supply.

    The toxic substance interacts and is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (“EMF”), specifically the broader range of frequencies found in 5G which can cause even more damage to our health.

    “Coincidentally”, the symptoms of Graphene Oxide poisoning and EMF radiation sickness are similar to those symptoms described as Covid.

    But the good news is, now that the toxic substance has been identified as a contaminant, there are ways to remove it from your body and restore your health.

    This is a holistic approach of using several different methods simultaneously for the best effect. Including, specific supplements to degrade the graphene oxide in the body, and controlling EMFs in the environment to minimize graphene oxide activation.

    This information comes from several sources and is based on scientific studies. Links are referenced below.

    Understanding Glutathione

    Glutathione is a substance made from the amino acids: glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. It is produced naturally by the liver and involved in many processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and for the immune system.  We have a natural glutathione reserve in our bodies. This is what gives us a strong immune system.

    When glutathione levels are high in the body, we have no problems and our immune system functions well. But when the amount of graphene oxide in the body exceeds the amount of glutathione, it causes the collapse of the immune system and triggers a cytokine storm. The way that graphene oxide can rapidly grow to exceed glutathione in the body is by electronic excitation.  Meaning, EMF’s that bombard the graphene to oxidise it, which rapidly triggers the disease.

    At the age of 65 glutathione levels fall drastically in the body. This can explain why the population most affected by Covid-19 are the elderly. Glutathione levels are also very low in people with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, obesity, etc.  Likewise, glutathione levels are very high in infants, children and athletes. This can explain why Covid-19 has not affected these people.

    Graphene oxide when oxidised or activated by specific EMF frequencies overruns the body’s ability to create enough glutathione, which destroys the immune system and causes the illness.  In events of illness (such as Covid symptoms and all the “variants”) it is necessary to raise glutathione levels in the body in order to cope with the toxin (graphene oxide) that has been introduced or electrically activated.

    ICU Intubated Covid Patients Healed Within Hours When Treated with Glutathione And NAC, Example from Ricardo Delgado

    “We have seen clinical trials with hundreds of patients who were in the ICU, on a respirator and intubated, practically on the verge of death. With bilateral pneumonias caused by the spread of graphene oxide and subsequent 5G radiation in the lung plaques. Well, this diffuse stain in these patients is symmetrical, which would not happen with a biological agent since it would be rather asymmetrical, as for example when there is a pneumococcal infection, right? Well, in that case a diffuse stain usually appears in one part of the lung, but not in another, not in both symmetrically. So, when treated with glutathione via direct intravenous —or even orally as well— or with N-acetylcysteine (NAC) 600 mg or higher doses, people within hours began to recover their oxygen saturation” – Ricardo Delgado,  La Quinta Colmuna

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