Big Pharma Admits Using Gene-modifying Technology Not Just in Vaccines, but Your Food


    by Tom Renz, Esq., America Outloud:

    Just arrived back from the great state of Missouri. Honestly, I love that place. There are so many great people there; my kind of people, too, sit in the back of a pickup and have a beer type ⏤ that’s my kind of place. Unfortunately, I didn’t go there just to see my friends and drink beer in the back of a pickup truck; this time, I was there to testify on House Bill 1169. I want to talk about what it’s like testifying and why I went there on my own, paid my way and all, to fight the RINOs and lobbyists who were doing their best to slow walk and bury this bill.

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    Let’s start with some language from the bill; it’s a two-page, straightforward, nonpartisan bill that clearly asks for any product that has the potential to modify our genes to be labeled as such.

    “Any product that has been created to act as, or exposed to processes that could result in the product potentially acting as, a gene therapy or that could otherwise possibly impact, alter, or introduce genetic material or a genetic change into the user of the product, individuals exposed to the product, or individuals exposed to others who have used the product shall be conspicuously labeled with the words “Potential Gene Therapy Product” unless the product is known to be a gene therapy product.”

    As you can see, all this bill is asking for is that gene therapy products be labeled. The opposition to this bill is interesting; the first concern, of course, for the big pharma lobbyists is that this bill will increase vaccine hesitancy. My response – no, it won’t. You see, this bill is an opportunity for the big pharma crew. They have been calling people like me conspiracy theorists for the past two years now; this bill just requires them to disclose risks and benefits and label items that change your genes.

    Since big pharma has already told us for two-plus years how safe and effective these jabs are and that they do not alter your genes, this bill will clearly shut us, crazy conspiracy theorists, down. After this bill is passed, everyone will see exactly how safe and effective these jabs are, and the COVID cultists will be vindicated… unless pharma lied… hmmm!

    Despite the clear language and context of this bill, pharma threw an absolute conniption over this and sent in the lobbyists to challenge this bill requiring gene therapies be labeled, and informed consent be offered. You have to understand that when you go to these things to testify, all the anti-freedom, anti-patriot RINOs and liberals do their homework ahead of time on who you are and try their best to discredit you and make you look like a crazy person.

    The goal for me is always to try and bring the discussion and line of questioning back to the bill. They, of course, called me a conspiracy theorist (shocking, I know) and tried to imply I was doing this all for money (I informed them that I paid my own way to be there and was not being paid in any way for my testimony).

    Aside from them trying to discredit me, the point, the most interesting development, came from the lobbyists’ testimonies.

    Their argument was really incredible and essentially was that they are already modifying our genomes with GMO foods, so this would require them to share that info with the public. That’s right, they’ve already been using gene-modifying technology in our foods and haven’t told us for years. I had no idea; I was honestly shocked that this was their carefully chosen defense. They literally said this bill couldn’t be passed because all of these foods already alter your genome, and we don’t want to label them.

    I can’t wait to file this lawsuit; instead of a billion-dollar lawsuit as we filed against EcoHealth Alliance for the creation of COVID, I think this one could easily be a trillion-dollar suit with a ‘T’!

    We now have it on the public record from two very prominent lobbyists that these companies are altering our genomes without our knowledge or consent, which means they will likely be liable for any health issues we can show resulted from these modifications (and may be liable for simply altering our genomes without knowledge and consent). Think what the WEF/Bill Gates’ factory meat will do to our genomes!

    Thank you, Missouri, we are about to find out just how many ways we are being poisoned, and it’s going to be one of the greatest victories for freedom our country has ever seen. I love fighting bad guys, and it was not only an honor to testify in the great state of Missouri; it’s going to be the honor of a lifetime to take down this corruption.

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