Australian authorities pushing 5TH COVID SHOT on unsuspecting populace though admitting each booster is only “effective” for a few months


    by SD Wells, DC Clothesline:

    Authorities in Australia are informing the 25 million people of the nation that they are “eligible” for a 5th COVID shot, as a “booster,” if they have not been jabbed in the past 6 months, except for if they’ve already had the Fauci-funded infection (the best protection there is, by the way). They are also “recommending” the deadly jab if you’re over the age of 65 or already suffering deadly yet preventable diseases, like diabetes, heart disease, or cancer (severe medical conditions that put them at “risk” of Wuhan coronavirus COVID-19). Only 40 percent of Australians were naïve enough (and still alive) to have received a 4th dose already, even though some of the clot shots have already been shown to cause “turbo cancer,” an expedited version where tumors enlarge exponentially after the jab.

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    Reports flood the internet about “fit and healthy people” getting COVID jabs and then “dropping down with heart issues,” says Australian news anchor

    The risk of heart damage, death, and a permanently weakened immune system from too many COVID jabs FAR outweighs the risk of getting COVID-19, and even news anchors and journalists are waking up to this fact and airing out their concerns on live television. Despite doctors and scientists trying their best to cover up all the health carnage around the world caused by the experimental clot shots, the truth is popping up in every nation and every town like “Whac-A-Mole.”

    It’s no secret anymore that the clot shots often cause serious heart issues, especially for young, healthy males, including myocarditis, pericarditis, fluctuating heart rhythms, vascular clots, compromised immune systems, and wait for it… MORE susceptibility to catching Wuhan flu. So why would anyone in their right mind get a fifth jab? That’s just it. People who got four jabs already can’t even think straight.

    Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization pushes fifth clot shot on population already suffering from effects of previous COVID jabs

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    There is nothing the vaccine industrial complex (VIC) hates worse than a newscaster going off “script” and talking frankly about vaccine dangers, fears, and the next-to-worthlessness of the whole scare campaign. Yet, that’s exactly what happened on a popular Australian television network called the Nine Network, and the anchor, Karl Stefanovic, shocked the viewers and millions of sheeple in the land down under, saying he sees no valid reason for getting more shots after he STILL caught COVID twice.

    He said the shot could lead to “heart issues,” and as we’ve all witnessed across the world, healthy athletes drop to their knees and clasp their chest, trying to breathe, while the “clot shots” deprive oxygen of flowing normally through their entire vascular system. It’s nothing short of a Vaccine Holocaust, and people are starting to notice, finally.

    Worried about having complications from a FOURTH or FIFTH booster shot for the Wuhan lab-made bat flu? You’re not alone. Dose after dose, many are suffering from their own immune systems attacking the spike proteins that lodge inside vital organs, including the lungs, brain, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and uterus. Thanks to mRNA “technology,” the injected billions of genetically modified humans are subject to sudden adult death syndrome (SADS), just like sudden infant death syndrome, except instead of a baby dying for unknown causes, adults are dying shortly after getting coronavirus “vaccines,” and the causes are known, but censored from the news.

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