Are Jews Responsible for the Destruction of Western civilization as Tobias Langdon Claims or Is the cause Self-Destruction Resulting from White Liberal attacks on White Confidence?


    by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

    Tobias Langdon makes a case that Jews have worked to undermine gentile countries.

    As I see it, if so, they have had a lot of help from gentiles themselves.  The skepticism in Enlightenment thought in the end unravels civilization by subjecting everything to doubt.  This is a long process of erosion, the story of which waits to be told.  Jacques Barzun attempted the task in his book, From Dawn to Decadence dedicated “to all whom it may concern” and whose opening lines are: “It takes only a look at the numbers to see that the twentieth century is coming to an end. A wider and deeper scrutiny is needed to see that in the West the culture of the last 500 years is ending at the same time.”  

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    It seems that Barzun is correct as it is difficult to find any remains of Western culture in the 21st century where the normalization of perversity and the institutionalization of tyranny and demonization of white ethnicities are the rage, but I have not seen any influence of Bazun’s effort or any attempt to recover the civilization that has been destroyed.

    It is perhaps too easy to blame it all on the Jews.  Even if we assume like Langdon that Jews are responsible, there has to be a weakness in the foundation of white gentile civilization for Jews to exploit.  Michael Polanyi explained this weakness, but his explanation failed to receive attention.

    Perhaps we are so far gone that the question cannot be raised.  As far as I can tell, white gentile intellectuals are committed to the attack on Western civilization, not to its defense.

    Affirmation of Western civilization has disappeared from education. Artistic works formerly regarded as achievements are today labeled by museum curators “racist statements.”  Christian morality is more honored in the breach than in the observance.  Academic faculties, administrations, and students disrespect the First Amendment.  Free speech is being shut down everywhere as “offensive” and “misinformation that is a threat to democracy.” Truth has been redefined as whatever furthers Woke agendas.  Empirical facts that don’t support the agendas are not considered relevant.  Science itself is coming to an end.

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