American Tyranny? Perfectly Normal


    by Peggy Ryan, American Thinker:

    Immediately after the 2016 election, the order went out: never let Trump’s presidency be normalized.”  Huh?  So someone controls what’s normal and what’s not?

    Actually, yes, the leftist insurgency can and does control what’s normal, or at least what’s perceived as normal.  In fact, normalization is arguably the lefts most powerful tool to control behavior,, herd the populace, even impose a tyrannical government.

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    Normalization starts by saturating news, social media, and entertainment with a targeted subject.  This first step is a form of Systematic Desensitization, where people repeatedly exposed to something abnormal, taboo, or even scary gradually relax and accept it.

    Then we have the self-categorization theory, an effective tool where people “conform to the norms of certain social groups whenever they want to belong to that group.”  Social media achieve the appearance of group consensus by using millions of bots (software-controlled, automated accounts) to bolster user numbers.  This army of virtual users not only reinforces like-minded opinions, but can flip people’s opinion even when the decision “does not reflect their own actual preferences.”

    Another plus of self-categorization (wanting to belong) is language control.  Words considered offensive are labeled hate speech, condemned on social media, effectively banned.

    Abortion is a clear example of normalization.  It became a hot topic decades ago, talked about in news, on social media, in Hollywood (desensitization phase).  Terms were revamped (language control phase).  Now it’s “women’s health,” not “abortion,” “pro-choice,” not “pro-abortion,” “fetuses” and “clumps of cells,” not “babies.”  Over time, killing one’s own child was no longer untenable, but a normal part of society, even seen as a woman’s right.

    Using these same tactics, homosexual and transgender behavior once recognized as “abnormal” (3%) has also been mainstreamed.  Again, it was gay rights everywhere — the news, entertainment, parades (phase 1).  Again it was language appropriation, where behavior outside the norm can no longer be called abnormal, where a man with a male physique who says hes a really a woman cannot be called delusional (phase 2).

    Indeed, words like “abnormal” or “delusional” are now hate speech.  If you dare speak these words, you’ll be ostracized by groups, labeled a homophobe, a hate-monger.  But before you clutch your pearls over the words “abnormal” and “delusional,” look them up.

    By redefining lifelong beliefs and principles, by confusing people about their sex and their identity, and by controlling language, people can be brought to the point where they no longer trust what they know, no longer believe what they see with their own eyes.  They must defer to the majority.

    But a bigger obstacle to despotism than culture is happy, contented Americans.  They will never accept outright tyranny.  Thus, the U.S. economy must be brought down so that people will be left jobless, scared, and depressed.

    Enter the Green New Deal.  When first introduced, it was a joke, outlandish to suggest that the U.S. eliminate fuel for farming, manufacturing, construction, and transportation, to destroy the U.S. economy.

    Yet again, the left waits out the initial blowback while amplifying the “sky is falling” cry of climate hysterics.  Media, politicians, and TV scientists tout the deal 24/7 as the cure for a dying planet.  Those who don’t agree are labeled climate deniers, are chastised, ostracized, and censored.  Now, after years of rabid prognostications of a looming climate apocalypse and silenced opposing science, many see the Green New Deal as a credible solution to an existential threat despite its devastating effect on our economy, on our lives.

    Of course there will always be those who resist oppression.  Therefore, there must be an enforcing power.  I bring you the American Gestapo, the FBI.

    The first SS-style raid was back in 2000, when armed FBI agents forcibly removed a six-year old boy, Elián Gonzáles, from his home over a custody battle.  There was initial public outcry, but agents had warrants — move along.

    Then, in 2017, Russian collusion special counsel Robert Mueller staged SS-style raids on Paul ManafortMichael Cohen (President Trump’s personal attorney), and others.  Not much public criticism, raids becoming the norm.

    But even sleepers started to stir in 2021with the FBI raid on Project Veritas founder and journalist James O’Keefe over a diary.  This is the free press — dangerous.  But again they waited out public objections until even raids on the free press were accepted or at least forgotten.

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