World’s First Online Dating Service for Unvaccinated Launches in Hawaii


    by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

    In today’s dating scene, a person’s COVID-19 vaccination status can make or break a relationship.

    For this reason, Shelby Thomson and Heather Pyle, two businesswomen from Maui, Hawaii, developed the world’s first online dating service dedicated to unvaccinated people.

    The two found the online dating game to be frustrating for the unvaccinated during the peak of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in 2021.

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    According to a survey conducted by in 2021, the majority of respondents (86%) said there is no way they would date an unvaccinated person.

    “From restaurants to movies – and even sporting events – traditional dating activities are limited based on vaccination status, and our members see it as a clear dealbreaker,” Maria Sullivan, Vice President and Dating Expert of, told FOX 4.

    In most dating apps today, you can now list your vaccination status.

    The unvaccinated “didn’t have the option to say they were unvaccinated” to potential online dating partners, Thomson said.

    “They were only allowed to be vaccinated. And you had to have this badge in your [online] profile,” she added.

    In May 2021, the two business partners from Hawaii launched “Unjected,” a dating app for the unvaccinated, on the Google and Apple stores, according to Epoch Times.

    “We started seeing people wanting to find partners,” Thomson said, referring to their unvaccinated friends.

    But shortly after the app’s release, Thomson and Pyle began getting hate mail, followed by negative publicity by the media, according to Epoch Times. Apple removed “Unjected” from the app store because it allegedly spread false information about vaccines, the company said.

    When Google threatened to do the same thing, in August 2021, was created and launched under the web domain host GoDaddy.

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