What If The Chinese, Or Another Nation’s Spy Balloon Was A Test Run For A Future Nuclear EMP Or Bioweapon Delivery System? If So, The Biden Regime Failed The Test In Spectacular Fashion


    by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

    What if? That was a question we asked here as we watched the news of a Chinese spy balloon, which could have belonged to Russia or another nation, allowed to soar all the way across America.

    What if the balloon was meant to pop over America and spread a bioweapon? Those of us that have researched the history of bioweapon use, and ancient and modern methods of delivery, know that it would have been an effective way to spread anthrax, the plague, smallpox, Cholera or Tularemia, just to name a few known biological killers.

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    What if the balloon carried a small nuclear device which would create an EMP over parts of the U.S.?

    The fact is, had China, Russia or any nation with the technology, decided to use that balloon for either of the purposes listed above, they now know they could because the Biden regime would allow it to cross over the U.S. and not shoot it down until the damage was done.

    What if this spy balloon was meant as just that, a test to see what those running the country would do?

    If that was the case, we failed, in spectacular fashion.


    While critics would claim no one would really deliver a bioweapon against the U.S. via a spy balloon, a look into history shows that when it comes to human beings killing other human beings, nothing is off the table.

    From the Assyrians infecting the water supply of their enemies with rye ergot fungus, which contains chemicals related to LSD, to plague-infected bodies hurled over walls, to the British attempting to infect Native Americans by giving the blankets from smallpox hospitals as gifts, to ceramic bombs full of fleas carrying the bubonic plague on Ningbo, China.

    Medical NewsToday describes what some modern delivery systems could look like.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) define bioterrorism as “the intentional release of viruses, bacteria, or other germs that can sicken or kill people, livestock, or crops.”

    This can be achieved in a number of ways, such as: via aerosol sprays; in explosive devices; via food or water; or absorbed or injected into skin.


    Read more at Medical News Today.

    Besides “what if” another question rolled around in my head: Are we prepared for a bioweapon attack?

    I don’t mean as a nation because anything left completely up to the government is guaranteed to get people killed, but personally, were we prepared?

    Sadly the answer is no.

    We stopped buying masks when we decided that compliance with tyrannical demands by state leaders, would not be happening anymore.

    Sometimes stubbornness can lead to blind spots.

    Masks should be part of our prep supplies, not to wear while visiting a store, or going out, but for emergencies, gas leaks, terror attacks, or other reasons where we “want” to wear them, not because we are told to, but because we find a need.

    Like us, many likely stopped stocking up on masks when we decided “we will not comply,” was to be our mantra against overreaching politicians.

    Maybe the threat the spy balloon represents for the future, is enough reason to make sure we still have some in our store of supplies.

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