Wellness Summit Featuring Dr. Peter McCullough Canceled By Ticketing Company Eventbrite Over “Misinformation”


    from InfoWars:

    A “Wellness Summit” in Abilene, Texas was dropped by the ticketing website and event management company Eventbrite which was being used to distribute tickets for the gathering.

    Frequent Infowars guest Dr. Peter McCullough and Freedom League Texans for Vaccine Choice’s President & Policy Director Rebecca Hardy are scheduled to speak at the April 1st summit.

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    The groups hosting the event, the Abilene Freedom League and Taylor County Weston A. Price Chapter, received a notice from Eventbrite this week notifying them the summit violated the company’s community guidelines and terms of service, “specifically our policy on misinformation.”

    Since the event has yet to take place, it’s unclear how the company could possibly know if “misinformation” is going to be spread.

    The Abilene Freedom League had to reach out to hundreds of people who RSVP’d to the upcoming event and let them know the summit is still taking place after Eventbrite messaged them saying it was canceled.

    They wrote their followers, “You may have received an email that our event, Abilene Wellness Summit, was cancelled. This is inaccurate! Eventbrite took it upon themselves to cancel the event due to ‘misinformation.’ The event is still on and will be amazing!”

    Abilene Freedom League Director of Public Relations Tyler Lineweaver told Infowars, “Eventbrite showed us they walk in lockstep with the globalist censorship machine. Their efforts have only strengthened our community’s resolve and the resolve of those involved in the Abilene Wellness Summit.”

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