WAYNE ROOT: Do You Accept a 35% Higher Chance of Dying Today? Well Then I Have Life-or-Death News About the Covid Vaccine For You.


by Wayne Allyn Root, The Gateway Pundit:

By Wayne Allyn Root

This story is truly incredible and shocking. But then again, I see dozens of shocking stories every week about the data from around the world regarding the Covid vaccine. They’re eye opening. They’re frightening. They all suggest that millions of people have died, and many more are sick and dying as I write this, not from Covid, but from the Covid vaccine.

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Yes, the cure is far worse than the disease.

But you don’t need to see the data. The proof is right in front of your eyes. Every day we can all see headlines of young, or relatively young, healthy Americans “dying suddenly.” It’s become a national epidemic. Heart attacks, myocarditis, strokes, blood clots, immune diseases and the big one- “Sudden Death.” Open your eyes and look around.

A recent poll showed that 25% of Americans believe they know someone who has died from the Covid jab. The real shocker is that 75% of Americans are living in denial- with their heads in the sand. Or maybe they’re just watching CNN.

I’ve seen the data of dramatically rising mortality rates in America (and around the world). The rise in deaths is far worse than seen during World War 2. Even more telling is the data from life insurance companies reporting on the largest death rates and life insurance payouts in history.

The strange thing about those exploding death rates- it’s not older Americans dying in record numbers. It’s 18-to-64 year old Americans in the workforce- all of them forced to take the Covid jab to keep their jobs. And the dramatic rise in deaths only started right after the OSHA vaccine mandate.

Now comes the most damning evidence yet…

A top insurance analyst has analyzed the CDC’s own death rate data and it matches the data released by the UK government.

There is a 7% increase in death for each time you take the Covid jab. In other words, your odds of dropping dead suddenly go up 7% if you take one Covid jab…they go up 14% after your 2nd jab…they go up 21% after your third jab…28% after your fourth…and 35% after you get another dose. And so on and so on.

Once you get to jab number ten, your odds of dying would rise by 70%. Are those deadly enough odds for you?

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