Survey: 58 Percent of Likely Voters Favor State Bans on Sex-change Surgery for Children


    by James Murphy, The New American:

    A Rasmussen poll conducted in February found that 58 percent of likely voters support state bans on so-called gender transition surgery for children. Forty-six percent of those likely voters were strongly in favor of such bans, with just 34 percent opposed.

    Only eight percent were uncertain about such bans.

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    When asked about banning the less-intrusive but still dangerous practice of using hormone replacement therapy on minors, 53 percent of likely voters favored such bans, with 39 percent strongly backing bans against hormone therapy for children. Thirty-five percent of respondents disapproved of bans against hormone replacement therapy for children.

    Mark Mitchell, COO and head of polling for Rasmussen, said that the company initiated the poll as a response to certain states banning the controversial procedures for children.

    “We’ve polled on these issues in the past, and we think it’s incredibly important because … the Overton Window is shifting in many regards, and so LGBT topics is something we’ve been keeping a very close eye on,” Mitchell said.

    A breakdown by political party shows that Republicans are more likely to favor bans on sex-change operations, with 72 percent of GOP respondents favoring the bans. Democrats favored bans at 45 percent, while 61 percent of Independents favored them.

    A party analysis regarding hormone replacement therapy shows that 63 percent of GOP respondents favored bans on giving children hormones opposite the gender they were born, while only 41 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of Independents supported such bans.

    “The signal’s a lot stronger in the sex change question because we specifically called out … surgical intervention on minors,” Mitchell said. “Very clearly for transgenderism,” surgical intervention “feels a lot less reversible.”

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