New York City Sent the Fingerprints of Unvaccinated Employees to FBI for Tracking and Registration


    from The Conservative Treehouse:

    In a little covered lawsuit by the group New Yorkers For Religious Liberty, Inc. et al -VS- The City Of New Yorksomething very odd has surfaced.

    After imposing the vaccine mandate in 2021, New York City fired the unvaccinated workers then sent the FBI the names and fingerprints of the non-compliant city employees to register within the justice files of the federal government.

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    New York City has recently abandoned the vaccine requirement {SEE HERE}, but the lawyers for the plaintiffs are continuing the lawsuit against the city because employment in the private sector is now impacted because the names of the unvaccinated are flagged in justice files within state and federal criminal justice records.

    Pre-employment background checks now “flag with problem codes,” tagging the applicant as a potential criminal risk simply for being unvaccinated.

    The stunning revelation about the FBI holding fingerprint files of the unvaccinated surfaced in court arguments from this lawsuit.   It seems like something out of a dystopian novel, but the reality is very serious.  I have not found any media reporting on the issue; however, CTH will highlight the raw source information so you can see for yourself.

    The oral arguments can be found HERE.  Forward the audio to around the 05:00 minute mark and listen as the lawyers explain what has been discovered.  At the 5:30 moment, lawyers for the plaintiffs describe the employment files including the fingerprints, being sent to the FBI.  [SOURCE LINK]

    It is remarkable to realize the scope of how the various government systems were so committed to the vaccine requirement, they were willing to register the names and fingerprints of unvaccinated Americans for future targeting.  Few things leave me speechless…  This does.


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