Let’s Pay Attention To The Experts Who Challenged The COVID Narrative


    by Thomas T. Siler, Jr., MD, American Thinker:

    Even from the start of the mRNA vaccine rollout, a small number of physicians were sounding an alarm about the dangers of Operation Warp Speed and the safety protocols that the mRNA vaccine development bypassed. Near the end of year three of dealing with COVID-19, much more is known about the efficacy of the new mRNA vaccines and their safety profile. This post sums up the information and concerns that multiple physicians have offered, all leading to one conclusion: the vaccine program needs to be stopped due to both safety concerns and lack of efficacy.

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    As the experimental vaccines were rolled out in December 2020, Dr. Michael Yeadon and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg petitioned the EMA (the EU’s medicine regulator) to stop trials of mRNA vaccines due to potential concerns about the accuracy of COVID-19 PCR testing (proven inaccurate now), infertility concerns (still to be investigated), polyethylene glycol toxicity (minor and severe allergic reactions seen), and antibody-dependent enhancement (still being researched).

    In May 2021, Dr. Peter McCullough led 57 scientists in a call for the vaccine program to stop due to safety signals that had arisen in the first six months of mRNA vaccine use. Some of their concerns were incomplete knowledge about a range of side effects, patients getting informed consent, certain low-risk age groups not requiring vaccination, and questions about whether patients understood the significance of the fact that the pharmaceutical companies were relieved from liability.

    In June 2021, Dr. Tess Laurie sent a letter to MHRA (UK health organization) asking that the mRNA vaccine program be stopped. She asserted that side effects accumulating in the UK Yellow Card system revealed that the mRNA vaccines were no longer safe for humans.

    Image: Physician by senivpetro (edited).

    Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a UK Cardiologist who originally promoted the vaccine and took the first vaccines, was on BBC TV a few weeks ago and was allowed to mention that the mRNA vaccines were associated with cardiovascular disease. He has called to stop the mRNA vaccine program.

    Dr. Angus Dalgleish, Oncologist at St. Georges in London, has written a letter to British Medical Journal asking that the mRNA vaccine program be stopped. In his practice, he was seeing stable cancer patients have rapid recurrence and progression of their cancers after receiving their mRNA boosters. He also mentions other side effects, such as vascular, heart, and nerve injuries.

    Dr. James Thorp, an OB-GYN for 30 years, points to Pfizer’s own data showing that the mRNA vaccines are not safe in pregnancy and should not be given to women of childbearing age. (Naomi Wolf has written about this at dailyclout.io.)

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