Hyperinflation RETURNS to Venezuela


    by J.G. Martinez D, The Organic Prepper:

    Writing about my country is getting harder every time I sit behind a keyboard. It’s not a love-hate relationship. It’s far from that. I LOVE this place. The disgusting aspects are not geographical traits. On the contrary, the geography and weather is highly favorable for agriculture. .

    It’s the rotten society I detest. The society that allowed a foreign power to control our destiny, to loot our wealth, our minerals, etc. To cause hyperinflation and everything that was meant for us. This is the origin of our woes here. The root cause.

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    But this article is not about that. It’s for you to appreciate how the iron grip of those in power, despite their immense destructive potential, won’t be able to crush our best weapons: our brains, souls, and guts.

    People are getting nervous here because the ghost of hyperinflation seems to be coming back.

    Things are still much better than back in the lapse 2015-2017. As I’ve written before, that was a time of horror. What got us through this period was my second online job; I paid the bills with my day job, and the prep supplies and other stuff with the additional income. However, once I started to see how our freedom was dying, like the right to own arms, to use USD as a currency (people went to jail because of this), and how they shot and killed over 300 people in the demonstrations since 2015, we decided to flee once hyperinflation devoured the last vestiges of my salary.

    Tuna in Venezuela, 2018. 94 bolivars convert to approximately $3.86 USD

    Currently, the most vulnerable die in the hospital because of curable diseases, and the ruling class rides armored and luxury Japanese SUVs paid with government money. The average worker here is rapidly losing weight.

    People here are growing more aggravated, and there have been a number of protests and demonstrations. High ranking people belonging to the Socialist Party have actually been thrown in jail because of all the public clamor.

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    As I type, I can hear the merchants selling eggs, poultry, and cheese.

    This has always been typical in this little town, but in the (induced) Holodomor, these merchants disappeared. Fresh food like eggs, milk, cheese, vegetables, and fruits was sold on the black market then because the price regulations were totally bananas.

    Ketchup in Venezuela, 2018. 101 bolivars are about 4.15 USD

    The uniformed ones controlled the industrial animal food supply for pigs and poultry. Still do. Even the Kelloggs cereal company was confiscated and now it is generating revenue for the pockets of a few.

    Albeit many producers with enough land, machinery, and hands opted for producing their own and they only import the additives like minerals and other elements, grinding and mixing at home to overcome the bribe hubs. In the past, when the factories were seized, the communists forced a “quota”, rationing according to the size of the herd of every producer. This was theoretically done to make sure the supply was enough for everyone but in practice it was to incorporate a bribe scheme. The corruption here is so extensive that if our anti-corruption laws were to be applied by the book, there would be not enough prisons.

    Back in the midst of the hyperinflation, in 2016, personal safety after 8pm was not assured in most of the country. Blackouts just added fuel to the bonfire.

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    We remember all this. And now we’re seeing signs that hyperinflation will cause it here once again.

    The prices in Bolivares, the official currency, are rising, and this is particularly painful for those who only receive the official handouts and pensions: $4 per month or less.

    Cheese in Venezuela, 2018.

    This has been causing a LOT of unrest since December 2022. The teachers and other public employees are protesting because of inflation and low salaries. As I type this, there is a situation in a place called Las Tejerias, a formerly peaceful town, that the gangs have transformed into one of the most dangerous areas of the country. If the unrest continues to strengthen, we are going to see some type of extended turmoil happens.

    The factions protesting are mostly those directly relying on the so called “government”, receiving a salary that is not enough even for one day’s worth of food. They were Uncle Hugo’s strongest supporters, until they saw what socialism-communism meant in their own fridges. Like their wallets, their bellies soon were empty too.

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