Globalists Priming The Planet For Nuclear Armageddon With War About To Move Into A Totally Different Phase As Things Heat Up To A Fever Pitch Following Viral Report On Joe Biden’s Act Of War


    by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

    If you think the US government nor America’s ‘globalist overlords‘ would never commit genocide, carry out medical tyranny or commit the very worst of all war crimes upon completely innocent people, you never read the Mai Lai Massacre story which took place during the Vietnam war in 1968.

    With that horrifying story reporting a group of US soldiers were sent into a peasant village and ordered to attack and kill on sight their unarmed ‘enemies,’ with those American soldiers then raping, mutilating and murdering between 200 and 500 civilians, the crime was covered up at the very top of the military chain of command and the US govt for eighteen months, at least until it was uncovered and reported on 18 months later by a relatively unknown journalist by the name of Seymour Hersh.

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    Reporting in a cable filed through Dispatch News Service and picked up by more than 30 newspapers that US Army soldiers were sent into a Viet Cong stronghold known as ‘Pinkville‘ on a search-and-destroy mission, indiscriminately shooting down people in cold blood as they ran from their huts, then systematically rounding them up and ordered to ‘finish them all off,’ Seymour Hersh ended up winning a Pulitzer Prize for that report, which the Pentagon and US government largely denied until they were no longer able to.

    And as Seymour Hersh just told the world in this Substack entrygetting it before the American public was no easy task. I wasn’t an established journalist working for an established outfit. My first story, published under a barely existent wire service run by a friend of mine, was initially rejected by the editors at Life and Look magazines. When the Washington Post finally published it, they littered it with Pentagon denials and the unthinking skepticism of the rewrite man.

    And while you may be thinking to yourself, why is ANP bringing up a 55-year-old story about the Vietnam War now, as we’ll be exploring within this story, Hersch, still a reporter 55 years later, has just broken the internet and showed us why we all better be completely prepared for war in the days ahead. Because Hersh just moved over to Substack from outlets like the Washington Post and the NY Times so he could get this mega-viral story published because obviously, he couldn’t do so at such ‘controlled‘ media outlets.

    Titled “How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline, as he reported as his subtitle, the New York Times called it a “mystery,” but the United States executed a covert sea operation that was kept secret—until now. Reporting in the viral story that it was none other than Joe Biden who gave the order to take out that multi-billion dollar energy pipeline that ran from Russia to Europe, as Jamie White over at Infowars reports in this new story, that is no laughing matter but an outright act of war. 

    So are you ready for things to start heating up to the max in the days ahead? Reading through ANP story comment sections the past few days we’ve noticed many ANP readers ‘feel it’ heating up, such as a series of comments made by PROUD_2B_American on this Wednesday story by Susan Duclos including:

    “I can feel it …coming in the air tonight……….. Oh Lord It’s like electricity ,,,, I’ve been scanning a lot of sites and the tone is radically shifting to… “Let just do this” AND A TOTAL LACK of “You guys need to calm down.” Voices of reason are becoming silent…Never seen so many enraged ….NOT ANGRY…….pressure relief valve popping….Everyone is feeling it …. Even my wife commented about it …..a very uneasy feeling.” 

    Yet while tensions are absolutely heating up to a noticeable level for so many as a devastating ‘end times’ war hangs over the world like a radioactive cloud following a nuclear explosion, and Joe Biden’s act of war upon the Nord Stream Pipeline something that could bring a mushroom cloud over Washington DC if Vladimir Putin decides such a ‘response’ is worth it, take note that Biden’s White House actually issued a response to Hersh’s viral piece to see exactly what is happening here, and it’s huge!

    As this Daily Mail story reports, following Hersh putting out that Substack which, if true, absolutely means Biden committed an act of war against Russia and this entire ‘Ukraine war’ is about ready to move into an entirely different phase, both the White House and CIA issued near immediate denials. And the bigger story that’s easy to see if one looks deeply enough shows us that finally, after all of these decades of mainstream media dominance and pushing blatant propaganda in America, REAL reporting has returned to America on an entirely different level than just the ‘independent media.’ From Hersh’s entry “Why Substack in which Hersh shares this ‘message‘ to his readers.:

    I’ve been a freelancer for much of my career. In 1969, I broke the story of a unit of American soldiers in Vietnam who had committed a horrific war crime. They were ordered to attack an ordinary peasant village where, as a few officers knew, they would get no opposition—and told to kill on sight. The boys murdered, raped and mutilated for hours, with no enemy to be found. The crime was covered up at the top of the military chain of command for eighteen months—until I uncovered it. 

    I won a Pulitzer Prize for international reporting for that work, but getting it before the American public was no easy task. I wasn’t an established journalist working for an established outfit. My first story, published under a barely existent wire service run by a friend of mine, was initially rejected by the editors at Life and Look magazines. When the Washington Post finally published it, they littered it with Pentagon denials and the unthinking skepticism of the rewrite man. 

    I’ve been told my stories were wrong, invented, outrageous for as long as I can remember—but I’ve never stopped. In 2004, after I published the first stories about the torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, a Pentagon spokesman responded by calling my journalism “a tapestry of nonsense.” (He also said I was a guy who “threw a lot of crap against the wall” and “expects someone to peel off what’s real.” I won my fifth George Polk Award for that work.) I’ve put in my time at the major outlets, but was never at home there. More recently, I wouldn’t be welcome anyway. Money, as always, was part of the problem. The Washington Post and my old newspaper, The New York Times (to name just a few), have found themselves in a cycle of dwindling home delivery, newsstand sales, and display advertisements. CNN and its offspring, like MSNBC and Fox News, battle for sensational headlines over investigative journalism. There are still many brilliant journalists at work, but so much of the reporting has to be within guidelines and constraints that did not exist in the years I was turning out daily stories for the Times

    That’s where Substack comes along. Here, I have the kind of freedom I’ve always fought for. I’ve watched writer after writer on this platform as they’ve freed themselves from their publishers’ economic interests, run deep with stories without fear of word counts or column inches, and—most importantly—spoken directly to their readers. And that last point, for me, is the clincher. I’ve never been interested in socializing with pols or cozying up to money types at the self-important cocktail get togethers—the star-f***ing parties, I always liked to call them. I’m at my best when I swig cheap bourbon with the servicemen, work over the first-year law firm associates for intel, or swap stories with the junior minister from a country most people can’t name. That’s always been my style. And as it turns out, it’s the ethos of this online community as well. 

    What you’ll find here is, I hope, a reflection of that freedom. The story you will read today is the truth as I worked for three months to find, with no pressure from a publisher, editors or peers to make it hew to certain lines of thought—or pare it back to assuage their fears. Substack simply means reporting is back . . . unfiltered and unprogrammed—just the way I like it. Seymour M. Hersh 

    With us here at ANP understanding exactly what Hersh is speaking about when he talks about ‘unfiltered and unprogrammed‘ reporting, with Susan and I and all of our story contributors writing about whatever we want to write about, no ‘marching orders’ given by anyone, (nor would such ‘orders‘ be ‘obeyed’ anyways), Hersh’s statement above also proves the independent media was right all along about the MSM being ‘completely controlled‘ and total propaganda for those now accelerating genocide.

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