EXPERT: Nattokinase detoxifies covid spike proteins from the body


    by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

    Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, has dropped another bombshell revelation, this time about how nattokinase, a natural enzyme found in fermented soybeans, is a powerful remedy against Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) spike proteins.

    McCullough says he is asked all the time by people who got “vaccinated” for covid what they can do to “get this out of my body.” This inspired him to write a piece about nattokinase that calls the substance the “holy grail of covid-19 vaccine detoxification.”

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    “The mRNA and adenoviral DNA products were rolled out with no idea on how or when the body would ever breakdown the genetic code,” McCullough writes. “The synthetic mRNA carried on lipid nanoparticles appears to be resistant to breakdown by human ribonucleases by design so the product would be long-lasting and produce the protein product of interest for a considerable time period.”

    “This would be an advantage for a normal human protein being replaced in a rare genetic deficiency state (e.g., alpha galactosidase in Fabry’s disease). However, it is a big problem when the protein is the pathogenic SARS-CoV-2 Spike. The adenoviral DNA (Janssen) should be broken down by deoxyribonuclease, however this has not been exhaustively studied.”

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    So what can one do to induce the dissolution of these spike proteins? Nattokinase, McCullough says, holds the greatest promise out of any other detoxification agent of which he is aware. And the best part is that it is relatively inexpensive, and is sold over the counter as a dietary supplement.

    “Nattokinase is an enzyme [that] is produced by fermenting soybeans with bacteria Bacillus subtilis var. natto and has been available as an oral supplement,” McCullough explains. “It degrades fibrinogen, factor VII, cytokines, and factor VIII and has been studied for its cardiovascular benefits.”

    Nattokinase is inexpensive, widely available, and it works

    McCullough highlights a paper published in the journal Molecules that unpacks the effects of nattokinase on the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. In a cell lysate preparation that he says could be analogous to a jab recipient, researchers successfully demonstrated that spike proteins degraded in a time- and dose-dependent manner when exposed to nattokinase.

    In a second experiment as part of the same study, researchers replicated the findings of a similar study published in 2021 in which nattokinase successfully degraded covid jab spike proteins in cells infected with SARS-CoV-2.

    “Nattokinase is dosed in fibrinolytic units (FU) per gram and can vary according to purity,” McCullough says.

    “Kurosawa and colleagues have shown in humans that after a single oral dose of 2000 FU D-dimer concentrations at 6, and 8?hours, and blood fibrin / fibrinogen degradation products at 4?hours after administration elevated significantly (p?<?0.05, respectively). Thus an empiric starting dose could be 2000 FU twice a day.”

    Thus far, there have been no full-scale pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic studies conducted on nattokinase – but this is not a problem since several years of market use as an over-the-counter supplement show that the soybean extract is safe “with the main caveat being excessive bleeding and cautions with concurrent antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs,” McCullough warns.

    “Based on these findings, nattokinase and similar products such as serrapeptase should undergo well-funded, accelerated preclinical and clinical development programs,” McCullough says. “The issue at hand is the urgency of time, similar to that with SARS-CoV-2 infection and empiric early therapy.”

    “It will take up to 20 years to have a fully developed pharmaceutical profile to characterize the safety and efficacy of nattokinase in the treatment of vaccine injury and post-COVID syndromes. Large number of people are sick now and many believe empiric treatment is justified given sufficiently low risk of side effects and potentially high reward. My recommendation is to discuss this with your doctor or seek a specialist in holistic or naturopathic medicine who is experienced with the safety profile of nattokinase in a range of applications.”

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