Constant Media Psyop, Can’t Stop Vax Deaths, Fed NOT Cutting


    by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

    The constant media psyop is falling apart on all fronts.  We were told Trump was colluding with the Russians.  That was a huge lie.  We were told Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.  That’s another huge lie.  We were told the CV19 vax was safe and effective, which is a double deadly monster lie.  These are just a few of the lies the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) continues to push.  As the old saying goes, “Don’t give up the con.”  We have been conned, and we are all paying for it.  The LLM will never recover.

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    A new study shows masks do not work to stop covid.  NYU Professor of Media Studies Mark Crispin Miller called the mask fiasco a gigantic form of propaganda.  He also says the entire Covid19 event from infection to injection was a masterpiece in propaganda.  Another new study says the CV19 vax offered “zero benefit” and “made the problem worse in every metric, hospitalizations, infections and death.”  The CV19 injections are now routinely being called a “bioweapon.”   There have been 600 million CV19 injections in the USA alone.  There have been nearly 13 billion CV19 injections globally.  There is no stopping the vaccine genocide, but you may help yourself with Ivermectin.  The LLM is covering up deaths, injuries and still trashing Ivermectin.  Nuremberg 2.0 will not be kind to them.

    They keep saying the Fed is just about to stop raising rates, and rate cuts are right around the corner.  The Fed just raised a key interest rate this week and is promising there are more to come.  Granted, the Fed has signaled the increase will be smaller, but the FED IS STILL RAISING RATES.  Maybe it’s the Saudi government announcing the end of the petrodollar by now accepting other currencies besides the U.S. Dollar in trade for oil.  You think that has the Fed uptight?  Can you cut interest rates when the world is shedding your currency and your Treasury bonds?

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