Asbury Christian Revival Becomes Explosive Interfaith Phenomenon


    by Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart:

    The massive Christian revival taking place at Kentucky’s Asbury University has spilled over into many Christian denominations, drawing faithful from mainline Protestant churches, bible-based groups, and Catholics.

    When an ordinary prayer service was held at this small Christian college on February 8, no one dreamed it would balloon into the immense ecumenical phenomenon it has now become.

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    The “Asbury Revival,” as it has been dubbed, developed into a viral phenomenon on social media, spurring Christians from far and wide to make the trek and join in the worship.

    Students have streamed into town from Purdue University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Ohio Christian University, Transylvania University, Lee University, Georgetown College, and countless others, but visitors have also come from farther still, places like Hawaii, Mexico, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

    The magnetic draw has not only transcended geographical boundaries, however, but traditional confessional limits as well.

    Father Norman Fischer, chaplain at local Lexington Catholic High School called the ongoing awakening a “wellspring.”

    “You just know right away that God is there,” Father Fischer said.

    Father Fischer said he traveled to Asbury on February 12 and saw a number of current and former Lexington Catholic High School students among the worshipers.

    “Hands were raised, people were singing, and all were in one accord,” Father Fischer said, citing Psalm 133, “how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together as one.”

    Father Fischer said he found himself “filled with love” during the experience and “got into praise mode.”

    The Asbury phenomenon is “pure” and “definitely of God, definitely of the Holy Spirit,” the priest said.

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