With More Foods Being Added To The Shortage List As The Lunatic Fringe Declares War On Our Food Supply, We Must Learn To Become Self-Sufficient And Create Our Own Emergency Survival Foods


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Preppers could learn a lot from the Amish about prepping as they do it as a way of life, not as a hobby or as an emergency survival plan, and with the type of food shortages being predicted for 2023, including fruits and vegetables, perhaps now is the time to make prepping a way of life for the rest of us as well.

In a previous prepping piece we discussed the upcoming shortages and the massive food inflation that is still rising as reports of overall inflation claim it is lowering. While we still see some of the same items experiencing issues, such as canned goods, poultry, wheat and oils, we are also seeing more consumables added to the list, for a variety of reasons.

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For those wanting to stock up on freeze dried foods, and wheat berries, among other things, here is a link to the previous piece with all those links included.

This article stems from the discussions in the comment section of that piece, where one reader mentioned the cost of canning supplies, with another reminding everyone of the shortages of canning supplies suffered in late 2020, following state leaders shutting down much of the businesses in their states, deeming them “non-essential.”

As confirmation of the assertion regarding the canning supply shortages in 2020, we pulled an article explaining,  such as one from October 2020, how mason jars and lids were in short supply do to more people cooking at home during the “pandemic,” when restaurants and diners were deemed non-essential,” and forced to shut down.

The increase in the number of people cooking and trying recipes during the pandemic has led to a surge in canning – because experienced canners are doing it more and novices want to give it a try.

And that surge has led to a shortage in Mason jars and lids.

“There’s so many more people canning this year than have ever canned. We have seen a big upswing in new people trying to can,” said Nellie Oehler, the coordinator for Oregon’s statewide food preservation hotline, who added she’s been answering lots of calls from around the nation about the lack of supply.

In most cases the prices at brick and mortar stores are still higher than they were before 2020, so it takes a bit of hunting to find the supplies needed at reasonable costs, even more than two years later.


Do to a variety of causes, whether the megadrought, viruses in plants in the west or hurricanes in the southeast, multiple produce products are seeing shortages and/or price hikes.

Between the shortages and the mad scientists wanting to genetically modify produce to contain mRNA vaccines, now is the perfect time to start learning from the Amish.

They grow their own vegetables for canning. Granted they have large farm spaces to keep dozens if not hundreds fed, depending on the size of the specific community. For most Americans growing a small garden outside or inside, is enough to feed themselves and their families.

Another very interesting little tidbit I learned in researching the Amish, is while they grow their own vegetables, many Amish communities buy their fruits and then can them.

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