Thursday/Friday Conversation, Tyler Wall, CEO of SD Bullion


    by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

    Tyler Wall has been a friend and friend of the site since the beginning back in 2010 and he has helped build SD Bullion into one of the largest online bullion dealers in the U.S. But running a public website, in particular a blog, has become extremely challenging over the years so Tyler is here today to discuss several interesting developments.

    First and foremost, none of the changes mentioned impact the SD Bullion website. Business is still thriving and growing and SDB should always be on the list of companies you check whenever you’re in the market for physical metal.

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    However, Tyler decided a few weeks ago that it was time to shutter his original website at Silverdoctors dot com. Though the site was still very popular and, no doubt, will be missed by its thousands of daily visitors, the hassles and the censorship had become a major distraction.

    So today, Tyler updates us on several subjects, including:

    • the rationale behind closing the Silverdoctors site
    • how that site was subject to shadow-banning and blacklisting
    • the day he found out that his comment page provider was dropping him
    • the current state of the wholesale physical market
    • what kind of physical silver offers the best value as 2023 begins
    • and a whole lot more

    Many thanks to Tyler for his time but also his consistent support of TFMR over the past 12 years. Though the SilverDoctors site is now a memory, SD Bullion marches on and Tyler remains a steadfast ally in the fight against the corruption of the digital derivative markets.

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