The Tiny $40 Billion Silver Coin Market Is The Hard Asset Of The Future


    by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

    Precious metals investors who have purchased Official Silver Coins will be holding onto one of the top Hard Assets in the future.  Why?  Because Official Silver Coins are the most recognized and high-quality silver bullion, the market will put a higher demand and premium on these bullion products.

    I wanted to do an update on the Official Silver Coins because the market is focusing on 6 Leading Coins.  Amazingly, the top six official silver coins sold more than 111 million oz in 2021.  Again, these will be the top leaders in the years ahead.

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    Unfortunately, the well-known website is no longer with us.  It was shut down last week.  I discuss this at the beginning of my new Youtube Update.  Craig at TF Metals Report interviewed Tyler Wall, the CEO of SilverDoctors and SDBullion, about why they shut down the site.  While there were several reasons, the main one was the traffic declined to such a low level it wasn’t economical to continue.

    I plan to provide the best quality and original analyses on the precious metals, mining, energy, and the economy, so I genuinely appreciate the support from subscribers.

    We continue to sponsor Cloud Hard Assets on the SRSrocco Report because they provide some of the best bullion prices and services.  I store some of my metal and pay the lowest cost in the industry.

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