Phreakazoid Pfizer executive goes BERSERK when confronted by Project Veritas over HIS OWN claims of virus mutation research and vaccine profiteering


    by Mike Adams, Natural News:

    In a truly shocking revelation from Project Veritas, a Pfizer executive brags on camera about the company’s “directed evolution” of COVID for profiting from vaccines. He says, “COVID is going to be a cash cow for us” and then brags about hiding this fact from the public while describing, “selective structured mutations to make [COVID strains] more potent.”

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    The undercover bombshell video was revealed by Project Veritas and James O’Keefe. The journalism organization — which specializes in undercover videos of executives and media personalities admitting astonishing things on camera — has also posted two videos containing interactions with Pfizer director Jordan Trishton Walker, whose self-proclaimed title is, “Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations – mRNA Scientific Planner.”

    We encourage all readers to support Project Veritas and its groundbreaking journalism efforts. We have re-posted the two Project Veritas videos on in case they are removed from other platforms, since Pfizer exercises extraordinary levels of control and influence over not just media organizations but tech platforms as well. Just today, as Human Events is reporting, both the UK Daily Mail and MSN took down yesterday’s articles describing the Project Veritas interaction with this Pfizer director. This indicates that even the UK Daily Mail can be threatened or pressured into removing important journalistic articles.

    See the first Project Veritas videos below, where Walker is seen bragging about Pfizer’s plans to mutate COVID and profit from the “cash cow” of COVID variants:

    And the second one here, showing this Pfizer director assaulting Project Veritas journalists and attempting to steal and destroy their equipment:

    Pfizer director plays the race card and accuses journalists of being “white people”

    Some of the video captured by Project Veritas includes Pfizer director Walker going berserk, claiming to be under attack by “white” people, and then trying to destroy their iPad hardware, followed by shoving and a floor scramble that resembles a cage fight. In these video grabs, the Pfizer director is the man in the tan T-shirt and black pants:

    Blow-by-blow analysis of the Pfizer admissions, corporate kidnapping and violent attack on Project Veritas journalists

    In today’s Situation Update podcast, I cover the Project Veritas encounter with this “berserker” Pfizer executive who makes astonishing on-camera admissions about what appears to be an illegal Pfizer gain-of-function program being engineered to generate future vaccine profits.

    It’s fascinating how he claims Pfizer plans to mutate the virus then profit from the vaccines used to treat those very same mutations.

    In today’s podcast, I call for the arrest and indictment of all Pfizer executives who have been part of this nefarious conspiracy to mislead the public and profit from mutating viruses to make them “more potent.”

    I also cover other breaking news topics:

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