Pelosi’s Dump Of Google Stock Weeks Before DOJ Lawsuit Raises Eyebrows, Questions About The Potential Leverage Of Insider Knowledge


    by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

    Nancy Pelosi, along with her apparent magic touch, just won big in the stock market after dumping 30,000 shares in Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

    She did this just around a month before the DOJ launched an antitrust lawsuit into the big tech firm. Which could tank the stock price.

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    Per the lawsuit, Federal regulators claimed on Tuesday that Google monopolizes the tools website publishers use to sell advertisements.

    Pelosi’s move amounts to about three million dollars. And it has many online users calling foul over the massive coincidence of her sale.

    From The Daily Wire:

    Pelosi, who resigned from her leadership position but remains a member of Congress, sold 10,000 shares of Alphabet Class A stock on December 20, December 21, and December 28, according to federal disclosures, marking a combined transaction value between $1.5 million and $3 million. The disclosures were digitally signed by the lawmaker on January 12.

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