John Kerry Says We Need “Money, Money, Money, Money” to Combat 1.5 Degrees of Climate Change


    by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

    Not quite. He actually said money 7 consecutive times.

    “The state of the union is coming up. The president’s got to, and you know I think will, because he believes this, we gotta move this. Because that’s the only way we can keep 1.5 degrees alive.”

    “So how do we get there? The lesson I’ve learned in last years, and I’ve learned it as secretary and leaned it since reinforced in spades, is money. money, money, money, money, money, money.”

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    In contrast to free money stupidity from President Biden and John Kerry, I present The Best Video On Climate Change in History.

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    In case it was not obvious before, please note that Biden is hell bent on producing sustained high inflation.

    For discussion of inflation, please see

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