Heart Attacks Reportedly ‘Surge’ In Australia, Now More Than 1,000 Deaths Per Month


    by Andrew White, Valiant News:

    Over 10,000 Australians have died from heart attacks in just 8 months as a result of a dramatic “surge” in fatal cardiac events, according to a report by 9News Queensland.

    The Australian news outlet cast blame on the COVID-19 pandemic as a whole for the sharp rise in cardiac deaths nationwide.

    “The pandemic has helped fuel a rise in helped fuel a rise in the number of fatal cardiac arrests across the country, according to a new report,” 9News reported on Friday.

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    According to Australian reporter Aislin Kriukelis, medical experts are alarmed at new data showing that over ten thousand Australians died from heart problems in the first 8 months of the year 2022.

    “They say the data is concerning and that’s because it shows in within the first 8 months of 2022, more than 10,200 Australians died due to heart-related disease, and that number is considered 17% higher than what would be considered normal,” Kriukelis said.

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