Have a Good Weekend? Atlanta Didn’t.


by Aden Tate, The Organic Prepper:

Apparently, there’s been another Antifa autonomous zone set up in the United States, and it’s been allowed to exist for months. In the woods near Atlanta, Antifa members have set up something of an enclave in the woods (it looks like an overturned pickup truck with a banner over it) and are using it to stage what they call a protest of the building of a new police training center in the area.

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Photo Credit: Unicorn Riot

Reports have trickled in that these Antifa members are digging deep pits in the woods and then starting brush fires, with the hopes that firefighters who come to put out the fires will then fall into the pits and be injured. It is unclear if the pits were further booby-trapped and there don’t seem to be any reports of firefighters being injured.

Other reports have indicated that Antifa members are infiltrating the church services of construction workers and contractors who are involved in the building of the new police training center. I haven’t been able to find anything about whether these church infiltrations have led to any incidents or not. (If you know of them, please let us know in the comments section below.) Perhaps it goes without saying, Antifa members likely conducted surveillance on these churchgoers in order to determine where they attended and at what times.

The shooting

Atlanta police moved into the woods to flush the Antifa members out of it, and then an Antifa member suddenly opened fire, using a pistol to shoot one of the cops in the groin region. Fellow police officers then returned fire, killing the Antifa member, Manuel Esteban Paez Teran. Seven Antifa members within the forest were then arrested and charged with domestic terrorism. The police officer has recently undergone surgery.

In response to Teran’s death, Antifa throughout the US took to calling for a “Night of Rage” within Atlanta. Numerous online Antifa accounts openly advocated for acts of physical violence to “avenge” the “martyrdom” of Teran using Twitter and other venues. Twitter has since deleted many of these Antifa accounts.

On the “Night of Rage,” a large mass of Antifa members clad in all black marched down Peachtree Street (the media said they were “peacefully marching”) when they finally reached their intended target at Ellis Street and began breaking windows and attacking police cars. Windows were shattered, fireworks were launched at ground level, ATMs were destroyed, and police cars were lit on fire. Molotov cocktails were used extensively. There are currently no reports of fatalities from the event.

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