As The Fascist Left And Their RINO Cohorts Burn America To The Ground, Millions Are Bugging Out Of The Crime-Infested Blue States As Quickly As They Can As America Implodes


    by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

    How do we defy the fascist far left in their plan to destroy the US? What are our choices, now that it’s plainly obvious that the ruling class of the far left wants to burn down the country as founded?

    The plans of the authoritarian left should be clear to anyone who’s paying attention. The question becomes, what do we do about it?

    Anti-liberty authoritarians of the fascist far left want to complete the destruction of the U.S. as founded, replacing it with a national socialist state in the model of red China. Anyone paying attention should know all of this by now. Those who don’t should go read some books, and learn some facts, before they project their 80-year-old lies.

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    The intentions of the left are quite obvious by now. Despite the propaganda smokescreen of the nation’s socialist media continually carping about a four-hour mostly peaceful protest instigated on video by Ray Epps on January 6, 2021, the evidence is right in front of you.

    We’re making a distinction between the far-left ruling class and the rank and file. As is usually the case, the latter are being dragged along as political cannon fodder. Before WWII, everyone in Germany was a proponent of National Socialism. After the war, no one was. 

    That should tell you something.

    There is a widening gulf between the fascist far-left ruling class and the pro-freedom right. There is also a widening gulf between the socialist slave states and free states, and no, we’re not falling for the reversal of the colorsRed was always the color of communism; see the movie Reds for confirmation.

    As J.R. Dunn explained it a few weeks ago:

    Adapting left-wing terminology and usage is something that goes back a long way among conservatives. Consider only one example: Red/Blue political identification. 

    When this first entered media discourse in the late ’90s, nobody, but nobody, mentioned that it was sourced from military jargon, where it was used in exercises to describe the status of forces involved — “Blue” was friendly, “Red” (with a distinct nod toward the Soviets) was enemy. And yet, conservative writers trampled each other to adapt a usage that termed themselves and all their works as “enemies” — and enemies associated with communism at that. 

    No wonder they think we’re stupid. 

    We’re self-sorting between the socialist slave states and free states.

    Consider the stark contrast between the two types just in the realm of the commonsense civil right of self-defense. The collectivists of the slave states are working overtime trying to think of new ways of depriving the innocent of their basic human and civil rights, all for the sake of their “safety,” of course.

    The People’s Republic of California is with Oregon, Illinois, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, and others in a perverse competition. They are trying to come up with new ways of endangering the innocent in the face of skyrocketing crime rates — everything from unconstitutional “red flag” gun confiscations and unconstitutional controls on private property to insurance requirements for exercising a fundamental human right.

    Not surprisingly, freedom-minded folks are voting with their feet and escaping the socialist slave states controlled by the far left. Supposedly, if people are fleeing to the sun belt, then how does that explain the massive exodus from California?

    Almost all of the 10 states that added the most residents were in the South: Texas added 470,000 new residents, and Florida added 416,000 people. North Carolina and Georgia both added more than 100,000 residents, while Arizona added 94,000. … 

    California has seen its population drop in recent years as well. Beset by an ongoing housing crisis and high costs, the nation’s largest state declined by 113,000 people last year. The number of people who moved out of California outpaced the number who moved in by a whopping 343,000 residents, the Census Bureau’s data show. 

    Even the population of Oregon declined in 2022, for the first time in decades. Polling shows that people prefer to live in places where they can defend themselves. The ability to keep yourself safe with the commonsense civil right of self-defense is just one issue among many and shows the growing divide between the people and the far-left ruling class. 

    The people escaping from the clutches of the far-left control freaks will soon enough show these places to be failed states. That’s when they will demand help from the feral…er, federal government, to correct the problem. That’s when you’ll see them suddenly get serious about border security — for those states to keep people from escaping.

    Back a few years ago, when Trump was threatening to unleash liberty upon the land, the New York Times was talking about The Two Americas of 2016. The ever-pretentiously named Big Think floated a map that partitioned the states into two countries of red and blue, and Common Dreams suggested parallel states. These days, they don’t seem as enamored of the idea, but since they brought it up first, perhaps it should be under discussion.

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