The crazy and convoluted Khazarian conspiracy behind the royal plot known as “Harry & Meghan”


from State Of The Nation:

The ever-exploding Meghan & Harry
mega-melodrama is all about one thing,

… maintaining the appearance of ‘purity’
of the British royal bloodline.


Because Prince Harry is well-known throughout the royal family to be the bastard son of Princess Diana and her not-so-secret paramour Major James Hewitt … and Meghan Markle is at least 43 per cent Nigerian black as well as a native-born American divorcée, the well-concealed masters of the House of Windsor quite deliberately set up this never-ending global drama and epic sibling rivalry. See: Here it comes! Harry & Meghan (Trailer)

In this way, the royal handlers intend to forever kill any and all chances of Harry ever becoming king.  And, it’s quite likely that none of the royals involved in this sordid affair (except perhaps King Charles) have been informed of this highly manipulative scheme, although some have probably figured it out by now.

Why The British Royal Family Is Really Marrying Off
Prince Harry To A Divorced American

It’s entirely true, the Khazarian Cabal has completely controlled the British Monarchy for centuries just as they controlled the English kings and queens before them.  In the course of time, the City of London, which was originally founded by the Romans as Londinium in 47–50 A.D., was totally taken over after the Khazarian diaspora circa 1000 A.D.

It’s also true that Lady Di was assassinated for similar reasons: the House of Windsor, which is actually more Germanic than British in bloodline, would simply not tolerate a marriage between the former Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed (aka Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Mena’em Fayed), a Muslim Egyptian film producer.

Therefore, it could be posited that the Harry & Meghan drama is just a convoluted continuation of the Charles and Diane drama.  And no one does crazy convoluted dramas like the Khazarian Cabal.  After all, Netflix is their primary production platform featuring the BIGGEST drama queens on the world stage today.

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