Rudy Giuliani Says Sean Hannity, John Solomon & Mike Pompeo “BURIED” Hunter Laptop from Hell in 2019


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    ‘I gave it to Hannity in early 2019, then to John Solomon, then to Mike Pompeo, who also buried it.’

    Former Trump campaign adviser Rudy Giuliani said he’s hopeful House Committee on Oversight and Reform will look into why damning evidence was suppressed by Republican allies.

    Former Trump campaign adviser Rudy Giuliani revealed he leaked the Hunter Biden laptop story to major right-wing media figures and high-level Trump officials, all of whom decided it was not worth mentioning.

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    Speaking to Newsmax’s “Saturday Report” over the weekend, the former New York City mayor said he’d received the hard drive of the bombshell “Laptop from Hell” – which contained details about the Bidens’ shady business deals – back in 2019 and tried to alert several influential conservatives who were ultimately uninterested.

    “Well, you know I’ve been living with this for three and a half years when I first put out the information about Biden’s bribery in Ukraine and I looked through that,” Giuliani told “Saturday Report” host Rita Cosby referring to the data on Hunter’s laptop.

    “I got up every morning from the first moment I got that hard drive saying to myself, ‘How can I get this to my fellow citizens?’ Because you just read a little bit of it and you realize the candidate of the Democrat party is a lifelong criminal.”

    “I mean there are 50, 60 crimes outlined there – and I’m not saying that lightly, I spent my life prosecuting criminals. I know crime,” he said, adding he’s highly familiar with RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) statute laws.

    “I had this whole thing – let’s say half of it; certainly enough to prosecute — in 2019,” Giuliani said before revealing several media pundits and politicians who balked at the info.

    “I gave it to [Fox News host Sean] Hannity in early 2019, then to [Just The News editor-in-chief] John Solomon, then to [former CIA Director-turned-Secretary of State under Trump] Mike Pompeo, who also buried it.”

    “And you should know that, now that he’s running for president,” Giuliani stated referencing Pompeo’s possible presidential ambitions in 2024.

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