RINO Hunting – Why and How, Plus; Get the Jab, Get Worse COVID


    by Tom Renz, Esq., America Outloud:

    We have a serious RINO problem in the Republican Party and need to fix it. The RINOs are not much different from the Democrats and are controlled by the same big-biz oligarchs, WEF, and CCP leaders as the other side. They use their power and position to manipulate and control the people and the politic to their own benefit, even passing the Omnibus bill, which is a disaster.

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    Let me ask you if you live in Kentucky or Utah – do you support your tax money going towards LGBTQ support groups or gun control? If not, what are you doing about it?

    We need to retake the Republican Party back, and that only happens with participation at the local level. People ask what they can do, and the answer is to get involved. Join the local party, retake control of it on the local level, and then leverage your position to shed the light of truth on the corruption that happens in the parties at the state and federal levels. The only way we fix this is by getting active.

    I was right… shocker. In the summer of 2021, I was saying, get the jab get COVID. Get the jab and get worse COVID. Of course, I was told I was a conspiracy theorist, but new studies are showing I was actually just way ahead of the curve. Our scientists must follow the process to get to where I was over a year ago, and I support them in doing so, but we the people, need to start asking hard questions and supporting those that do.

    There are a lot of patriot warriors that have produced a lot of very disturbing evidence regarding COVID, the jabs, bioweapons, etc., and instead of dismissing their theories as “conspiracy,” I think we are better served looking at the evidence and asking the corrupt government and other side to provide TRANSPARENT answers.

    The conspiracy theorists have been right more than they’ve been wrong on COVID, and what is wrong with forming hypotheses and testing them if they are based on evidence?

    If you don’t have anything to hide, you simply do not hide things and are not afraid of being questioned.

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