Radical Soros Backed Group Boosts Warnock Campaign Funding Ahead of Runoff


    by Margaret Flavin, The Gateway Pundit:

    Billionaire radical George Soros has worked his entire life to control the Democrat Party and destroy the United States. He has a deep-seated hatred of the West and promotes its collapse, pouring millions of dollars into campaigns and causes that further his radical agenda.

    Soros backed Black Voters Matter Action PAC has spent almost $400,000 between Nov. 21 and Dec. 3 to boost radical Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) ahead of the Senate runoff against Republican Herschel Walker.

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    According to their website:

    At BVM, we often explain to friends and stakeholders that we are NOT an electoral organization. We are first and foremost, a power building organization, and while we firmly believe that voting and electoral organizing is one way to build power, it is by no means the only way.Within the space of electoral organizing, we do not measure our success on electoral “wins”. We take this position not only because of our status as a 501c4 organization, but because philosophically we strongly believe that in order to truly build power, we must begin to redefine what a “win” is. The traditional approach of defining wins based on whether a particular person has won a certain office is far too limited given the obstacles that our communities face. Instead, we believe in centering a community-defined agenda and the process by which a community seeks to implement that agenda. With this in mind, we seek to increase the capacity of community-based organizations working on a wide range of issues: from mass incarceration to gentrification, from health care to education and more.

    Intersection of Political and Economic Power

    We believe that independent political power requires independent economic power, and we are sensitive to the many forms of economic coercion which often discourage community members from fully participating in civic life. We also believe that political victories that lack a strong economic base are simply not sustainable. As we explore the intersection of political and economic power, we strive to uplift economic models and policies which support the equitable distribution of wealth rather than deepening economic disparities.

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