Oh Look, A Clown President BeClowns Himself. Again.


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

So Biden has commuted the sentence of a notorious arms dealer who got caught by an elaborate sting operation in Bangkok, was extradited, and sitting in prison here for crimes he actually committed.  He sold weapons illicitly all over the place (literally all over the place) that were used to murder people, including Americans.  We went after him, we spent quite a lot of resource doing so, we caught him, tried him and sent him to prison.

Justly so.

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Contrast this with Griner, who admitted to intentionally bringing THC-laden vape cartridges into Russia, which she knew was illegal.  She did it anyway.  Drugs are illegal in Russia, she was caught, arrested, tried and sentenced.

Was her sentence for this crime “insane”?  Perhaps.  Go try running drugs, even for “personal use” in Malaysia and you might find yourself on the wrong end of a death sentence.  Yes, I understand that in the United States we think some drugs are not crimes, with THC-containing things being one of them (well, in certain states anyway) even though under federal law the substance is still banned and you can still be busted for it.  Biden, I note, has not taken the steps to de-schedule THC in the United States.

So we, as Americans, have allowed a basketball player who willingly, knowingly and intentionally brought illegal drugs into another country (she admitted to that at her trial) and was prosecuted for doing so to be traded back to us in exchange for a man who dealt weapons that actually killed people in terrorist strikes, including Americans.

Never mind that Griner never met an opportunity to bag on the United States as a “terrible” country that she would not take up and celebrate — right up until she got busted for breaking the law in Russia, and then of course the US should come save her.

At the very same time, while we did this, we’re allegedly “supporting” Ukraine which, I remind you, is fighting those very same Russians.

We are clown world.

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