MUST-LISTEN: Dr. Robert Malone and Mike Adams talk the rise and fall of civilizations and how we REBUILD a society rooted in MORALITY and FREEDOM


    by Mike Adams, Natural News:

    Today’s Situation Update podcast starts off with a must-listen interview with Dr. Robert Malone, author of Lies My Govt. Told Me and the Better Future Coming. (Available at BrighteonBooks.comAmazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere).

    Since we’ve all spent more than enough time talking about the horrors of mRNA injections, spike protein shedding and the global depopulation agenda, Dr. Malone and I decided to focus our talk on creating a brighter future for humanity. How do we get there? How do we help humanity learn the hard lessons from the covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates? More importantly, how do we restore a sense of morality across society so that more and more people are interested in doing what’s right rather than exploiting the system for their own personal gain?

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    Today’s interview with Dr. Malone explores those questions and much more. The full podcast (see below) continues with my own discussion of the rise and fall of civilizations and why the Western Empire is currently transitioning into its final “coercion” phase which involves governments functioning as terrorist organizations and declaring war against their own people. (This is exactly what’s happening across the US, UK, Canada and other western nations right now.)

    Coercion is the final stage before empires collapse. The collapse will involve tremendous human suffering, violence and death, but after it runs its course, the survivors will be in a position to choose a new future for human civilization.

    Both Dr. Malone and I believe that future will be rooted in decentralization, a topology that is far more resilient and smarter than centralized, government-mandated systems of organization. All centralized systems eventually become run by incompetent, arrogant idiots, causing them to fail in spectacular fashion. The fall will necessitate the people turning to local, decentralized solutions for food, money, medicine, self-defense, communications, information sharing, resource allocation and more. That day is coming, and if you hope to survive it, you need to both learn what it’s going to look like and how to navigate it without losing everything.

    Listen to the full interview with Dr. Malone — and hear my full podcast — using the links below:

    – Stunning discussion with Dr. Robert Malone
    – The critical importance of DECENTRALIZATION
    – Decentralized societies are more resilient and have better ideas
    – Food, money, medicine, science, education and government all needs to be decentralized
    – Hardship and suffering leads to work ethic, morality and humility
    – The rise and fall of civilizations – history unfolding before our eyes
    – How we learn the hard lessons from covid tyranny and build a future of #freedom
    – Preparing for the FREEZE WAVE spreading across most of America
    – High risk of “winter kill” for wheat crops across many US states
    – Food inflation and scarcity will get far worse in 2023 – 2024
    – Why FARM LAND is going up in value even as housing plummets
    – When governments lose the consent of the people, they turn to #violence and coercion
    – The crime syndicate in Wash D.C. is arrogant, incompetent and stupid
    – They will bring us to the brink of war with Russia
    – It could spell the end of modern America and Western Europe
    – The collapse of the fiat currency dollar debt system will turn US cities into Mad Max zones
    – Survivors of the #depopulation agenda get to choose the future for humanity on planet Earth





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