Is China destroying America with ‘a thousand cuts’?


    from WND:

    Exclusive: Richard Blakley is not convinced disparate developments aren’t all connected to Beijing

    China’s military leaders have published two books. The titles are “The Art of War” and “Unrestricted Warfare.”

    “The Art of War” is an ancient Chinese military book of tactics focusing on 13 steps to winning a war. Chapter 6 of this classic book explains the importance of exploiting the weakness of an enemy. “Unrestricted Warfare” was written in 1999 by two Chinese senior air force colonels and explains how a nation, such as China, can defeat a technologically superior nation, such as the United Sates.

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    The book argues that the primary weakness of the United States in military matters is that the U.S. views revolution in military thought solely in terms of technology,” states Wikipedia. The book also “argues that the United States does not consider the wider picture of military strategy, which includes legal and economic factors,” and says that America is vulnerable to attacks along these lines. The point these books strongly make is that reducing one’s opponent can be accomplished in a number of ways, other than direct military conflict, and have the same, if not even greater, destructive force.

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