Ex-Austrian Vice Chancellor Strache: Merkel’s Words About Goals of Minsk Agreements are Frightening


    from Sputnik News:

    On 7 December, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a German newspaper that the 2014 Minsk agreements “were an attempt to give Ukraine extra time”. She added that she doubted whether NATO countries could have done as much then as they were doing now to help Ukraine.

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    Austria’s former vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache said that statements made by Germany’s former chancellor Angela Merkel about the true goals of the Minsk agreements scare European politicians and undermine confidence in them.
    The politician was speaking at a round-table meeting in Vienna and added that Merkel’s candor when she said that the purpose of the Minsk agreements was to give Ukraine time to prepare for a military scenario was “frightening”.

    “This is how we destroy any basis for trust,” he said.

    Earlier, in an interview with German media, Merkel said that the Minsk agreements gave Ukraine time for itself and to become stronger. In her opinion, all parties to the agreements understood that the conflict in Ukraine was only suspended, and the underlying problem remained unresolved.

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