by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

    Doubtless you may have seen this coming… with all of the increasing stories of post-injection sudden deaths, miscarriages, sudden onset cancers or neurological problems, and so on that have attended the injections, and with all the stories that indicate the injections somehow “shed” their effects onto the uninjected, it was only a matter of time before someone would put two and two together, and decide that blood transfusions from the injected were and are a risky proposition.  You can include me in that number of people: were I to require surgery I’d want to make very sure and certain any blood transfusion would be coming from someone not injected.  And it’s an appropriate story for the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, but more of that in a moment.

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    For the moment, there is indication that I’m not alone in  my concerns about clean blood in this story shared by V.T:

    According to the article, I’m part of a vast global population that thinks the same thing:

    The surgeons believed that the vaccine makers should provide an explanation as to what is within the shots and why those components are present.

    “In our experience as clinicians, these mRNA injections are very unlike traditional “vaccines” and their manufacturers need, in our opinions, to come clean about what is in the injections and why it is there,” they said.

    For this exact reason, a lot of people refuse blood transfusion if the donor had received a Covid vaccination.

    “I get hundreds of emails asking me, ‘Do you have blood [available], because I have surgery coming up in three weeks,’” Pietra told VICE World News.

    “We want to be a platform for people who want to have the free choice of blood donors,” he said. “Whether they think there is a real conspiracy theory going on, that the New World Order [is happening], or if they simply say ‘I just don’t want it’ for whatever reason’.”

    In his own studies of vaccinated blood, Della Pietra claimed to have found terrible “contamination” in the COVID vaccine.

    “I’ve never seen blood like this. This was, to be honest, the main reason I started the whole thing, because when I saw this, I was so horrified,” he said.

    In other words, the doctor started the non-injected clean blood bank because he saw so much “junk” in the blood of those who had taken one of the injections. Indeed, we’ve probably all seen those stories of the long stringy blood clots found in the injected by funeral directors and pathologists. I’ve seen far too many, and even some of a personal  nature which people have shared.

    Of course, this is all running into problems for the “narrative”, because the agencies and instrumentalities of totally corrupted government “health” institutions are maintaining that there’s no difference in blood supplies:

    The reason why SafeBlood Donation is running into some difficulties with this is because the “official” sources, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all insist that there is no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated blood.

    The expectation is that the current system will not comply with what SafeBlood Donation and its members are trying to do, so the inevitable outcome of this will be the creation of an entirely new blood donation infrastructure where only clean blood is allowed.

    The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a doctor from Canada shared on her Twitter followers that she was surprised when one of her patients declined to receive a blood transfusion if the donor had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

    “So- this was a first for me. A patient declined blood transfusion if the donor had received a covid vaccination,” she wrote.

    In September, a mother told TGP that her one-month-old baby died from a blood clot caused by receiving “COVID-vaccinated blood” during a blood transfusion.

    “He died after getting a blood transfusion of vaccinated blood,” Hertzler claimed. “He got a blood clot instantly after receiving his transfusion. A blood clot that no blood thinner could resolve.”

    Hertzler claimed that her son was given the blood by the doctor at Sacred Heart in Spokane, Washington, without her or her husband’s permission.

    “The doctor gave him a blood transfusion because his hemoglobin levels were a little low. We had not given permission for this and the doctor knew we did not want vaccinated blood because we were worried about blood clots. The next day after the transfusion, they discovered a blood clot,” Hertzler said.

    Now while I think this development is important and noteworthy – and needless to say, and for the PUBLIC RECORD, I do NOT want nor authorize any transfusion from someone injected, nor any transfusion from a source whose injection status is not known known to me or any physician who may treat me – I want readers to recall that Japan rejected the covid injection narrative early on:

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