Collapsing Conspiracy Cover-Ups?


    by Ron Unz, The Unz Review:

    The 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy possibly ranks as the single most famous event of the twentieth century.

    For nearly sixty years, there have been widespread suspicions that he died at the hands of a conspiracy, as did his brother Robert a few years later. Although these “conspiracy theories” have been ignored or dismissed by nearly our entire mainstream media, they have inspired hundreds or thousands of books and films along with countless articles, and have been widely believed by large portions of the American public. The resulting loss of faith in our major institutions has been dramatic, leading to today’s intense popular skepticism on so many other issues, whether justified or unjustified.

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    Our government has still never released all of its official records on the death of our 35th President, but after almost six decades that monumental cover-up may finally be starting to collapse.

    Tucker Carlson has the most popular cable news show, and late last week he aired an explosive segment in which he declared that the JFK assassination had been the work of a conspiracy, with our own CIA heavily involved. His nightly broadcast audience is over 3 million and just one copy of his Youtube video has already been watched 1.4 million times. So these shocking claims from a major media outlet have now reached many millions of ordinary Americans, probably more than anything else on this topic in the thirty years since Oliver Stone’s Oscar-winning film JFK was playing in the theaters.

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a prominent public figure and best-selling author, nephew of the slain President and son of his murdered brother. He praised Carlson’s show as “the most courageous newscast in 60 years,” and declared: “The CIA’s murder of my uncle was a successful coup d’etat from which our democracy has never recovered.”

    These incendiary remarks were Retweeted more than 33,000 times with over 5 million views. So perhaps after more than two generations, the propaganda-bubble created by the dishonest 1964 Warren Commission may finally be starting to collapse.

    As a consequence, my own past writings on the subject have received a burst of renewed attention:

    Until a dozen years ago, I had never questioned the official narrative of the Kennedy assassination, and almost none of my own work on this topic has been original. I merely read the existing books and articles and drew my own conclusions, then published those findings.

    But by purest coincidence, another massive cover-up may also now be collapsing, on a topic that has been my central focus for the last couple of years.

    The global Covid epidemic has been one of the most important world events of the last hundred years, probably only rivaled by the two world wars and the Great Depression. More than 18 million people have already died, including over a million Americans, and the daily lives of many billions have been enormously disrupted.

    Beginning in April 2020, I have published a long series of articles arguing that there is strong perhaps overwhelming evidence that the Covid outbreak was the result of an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran).

    But given the tremendous importance of the issue, I’ve been very disappointed that so few others anywhere on the Internet have come forward to raise similar suspicions or even merely to mention my own controversial analysis. Since the early days of 2020, there has been an enormous amount of discussion on almost all other aspects of the global pandemic and its consequences, yet only an infinitesimal sliver has touched upon the apparent evidence of American foreknowledge and plausible culpability. However, that may finally be starting to change.

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