CBDCs are the last nail in the coffin; once implemented there will be no freedom


by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

“Money is probably the most successful story ever told. It has no objective value… but then you have these master storytellers: the big bankers, the finance ministers… and they come, and they tell a very convincing story.” – Yuval Noah Harari

To understand how we will all come to accept a central bank digital currency (“CBDC”), we must familiarise ourselves with the Story of Money and how the Money Masters fooled us into believing it.

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By Sikh For Truth; Editor of Truth Talk UK & regular contributor to The Expose

“I will never accept CBDCs,” you say. That’s easy to say. However, unless we are willing to throw away all technological devices and live as outcasts off the grid, we will accept it.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let me tell a little story about computer games.

My youngest son used to play a computer game called Knight Online. The game was released in 2003 when he was 9 years old. It was a great game back then; I don’t know about now. Players were thrown into a medieval world where they had to barter and sell, build alliances, negotiate treaties, work towards goals and receive rewards for doing so.

Technology is amazing. Computers opened up exciting new ways for children to learn. The games seemed innocent enough. Kids quickly outpaced their teachers in terms of computer skills. Technology became the language of our children. They were able to access information far beyond, and in much more interesting ways than what their teachers could offer them. School became even more boring than it was before. My son learned more from Knight Online than he could ever learn in school. He met kids from all over the country, became friends with a boy his age in New York. He even met a kid in Turkey and learned some Turkish.

Knight Online, like a lot of other games, started out free. But then, the elite figured out a brilliant way to exploit these new technologies, just like they do with everything. They fooled people into buying fake things in online worlds. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it, just reading it like that. But it’s true.

Now, those online worlds are becoming more real and more relevant than the real world. At the same time that people are suffering with no heat in the real world – for the good of the planet – kids can buy a mansion in a virtual world and never worry about how hot or cold their avatar feels. The house the avatar lives in, the clothes it wears, the commodities it possesses have all been bought with virtual tokens that are meaningless in the real world.

Adults reading this might not believe it. You might think I am exaggerating. But that’s because you aren’t a kid. Check out THIS link that tells parents to accept the inevitable that their kids are living in virtual worlds. The important thing is to make sure that the world is “family-friendly.”

And if you still think that sounds fringe, have you ever listened to ten-year old’s talking to one another online? They can spend hours discussing their latest purchases in the worlds they are building inside their tablets and their phones.

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Being citizens of the city, players have the liberty to choose their customised avatars by donning different hairstyles, choosing their eye colours, and designing their outfits. Players can renovate their virtual homes using different decorative pieces and items and visit the virtual homes of their favourite Disney characters.

This is one of the best virtual worlds for teenagers in which players can create desserts for the ice cream parlours from scratch and undergo a fun series of other such cool challenges to earn coins and unlock a variety of decorative items, fashionable outfits, and new furniture.

You might say, what does this have to do with CBDCs? Well, everything. The games and then the virtual worlds our children inhabit are the clearest evidence we have of how this devious, scripted change from the tangible to the intangible has taken place. Yes, it used to be so simple. Bartering one thing in exchange for another – in the real world.  How did we stray so far? How were the masses fooled into exchanging real freedoms for fake ones?

Looking at a condensed history of money, what came after bartering?  Coins. The bigger the pile of coins, the more power one had to buy and sell. But what to do with that pile of coins—and eventually, paper—sitting right there in your home for all the world to see? What if someone wanted your pile? They might steal it. They might even kill you in the process. Very dangerous!

And so, the Money Masters were born. Men like J. P. Morgan, David Rockefeller, David Rene Rothschild, Mario Draghi, C. D. Deshmukh, the list goes on. These visionaries saw ways to exploit the fear the public had of losing their money. They started telling money stories. Whoever told the best stories became the most trusted Money Masters. It was all about trust. People needed to trust whomever they were going to give their money to. The Money Masters promised to keep everyone’s money safe in places called banks.

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