Yes, 3D Printed Steaks Are A Thing


    by Bruce Wilds, Bruce Wilds’s Blogspot:

    Believe it or not, 3d printed meat may soon be on its way to a store near you. Reuters recently reported that Israel’s Redefine Meat has struck a partnership with importer Giraudi Meats to drive the distribution of its ‘New Meat’ steak cuts produced on 3D printers. At this time, they will be targeting the European market.

    Redefine hopes to reach thousands of restaurants by the end of next year with its plant-based whole cuts of alternative meat. Their product, which mimics meat, or as they say, flank steak, is a mix of soy and pea protein, chickpeas, beetroot, nutritional yeasts, and coconut fat.

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    The Israeli company has been working with about 150 restaurants in Israel, they say the whole cuts they offer will broaden the appeal of alternative meat products. These, up until now, have mostly been limited to ground-beef dishes, including hamburgers and sausages.

    Is This What We Want?

    As the larger cuts of alternative meat which are more complicated to produce evolve, companies are gearing up to meet the demand which could reach $140 billion by 2029, according to Barclays. This would account for about 10% of the world’s market for meat.


    “We’re scaling up the capacity. Every batch that we make is five times larger than the previous batch. So we’re changing … the machines, the flow and we’re also changing the product attributes.” Redefine Meat’s CEO Eshchar Ben-Shitrit said.

    To be clear, Redefine Meat, is not the only company moving in the direction of what some of us see as “fake meat.” In fact, competition in this sector is growing, players include California’s Beyond Meat (BYND.O) and Impossible Foods as well as Spain’s Novameat, and Israel’s Aleph Farms, which is developing a method to cultivate meat in the lab from cow cells.

    Adding New Meaning To, Where’s The Beef?

    It is likely that if Europe does not reject this concoction, it will soon reach our shores. To many Americans and other people across the world, this will most likely be viewed as an abomination pushed upon us by climate change activists that see cattle as harming the environment.


    This move to produce food in ways foreign to nature can also be framed as proof that mankind is moving further from its roots and off into some strange bizarre future. The following link; takes you to a video about Redefine Meats and its products. This is certainly not something our ancestors would not have seen coming.

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